Mobile and Web Portfolio

We work closely with international brands and startups from a diverse set of industries to create exciting, new digital experiences or to develop and redefine existing ones.


While currencies and economies may rule our world, there is one more thing that’s more prevalent…

Delhi NCR Metro

Providing fare, line information related to Delhi Metro, places nearby while travelling and more.


Budgyt is a cloud-based platform designed to simplify the budgeting process for multiple P&Ls. Accessible entirely online, Budgyt replaces clunky infrastructure, intensive training, and data integrity risk with an easy, one-tab solution that ensures you and your team can create budgets faster, more accurately and more reliably.


The app with most restaurant menus in Canada providing delicious food options and delivery…


A communication solution, designed to be used by the modern union to streamline interaction with their members.

Shorepower Technologies

Shorepower is a transportation electrification infrastructure company offering simple, cost-effective solutions for connecting cars & trucks to the electrical grid. We have helped them build and manage their Kiosk management applications.

Hytorc Bolting

Get instant access to torque charts, safety and operational videos, product manuals, service center locations and calculators.


Ambivista is a SaaS-based survey platform, enabling companies to run and manage their survey campaigns and make informed decision and devise better strategies to improve the operations.

Mystic Stamp

Every day America’s Leading Stamp Dealer shares neat events from our past.


FieldCircle helps global enterprises to manage their field sales & service operations effectively & efficiently, using proven technology solution in Cloud, Enterprise Mobility, IoT integration, business intelligence, & data analysis.


SaaS application created to provide real time monitoring of project’s tasks to project managers, owners, clients and other project stakeholders.


eTrade Procurement is a SaaS-based reverse auction platform that helps connect buyers and vendors, streamline the buying processes by creating various types of auctions for vendors, save cost and time, leading to better and informed decisions for buyers while following the best buying practices.

Only Women

Dating app to find like minded women in nearby area.


Eduventive is a web and mobile-based eLearning platform. It is designed to build a better teaching and learning experience for both instructors as well as learners, and providing data analysis on the learning of someone so that it could be self-paced and adaptive in nature.


The truth is, money exists as a commodity simply because it’s an easy way to quantify what our trade skills, goods, and services are worth.


Genrocity is a web and mobile-based eCommerce marketplace application, enabling merchants to sell their products, services and provide offers/discounts to the customers.


Remotii provides smart and connected solutions to the world. We have worked with them to build their IoT web platform to connect, manage, and track the appliances and systems in homes and offices remotely. We have also built a Service Web Platform to give their resellers controls to manage their clients’ subscription.