Our Work

Creating exciting, new digital experiences and helping startups and SMBs disrupt and innovate across a range of industries.

Delhi NCR Metro

Delhi’s Most Loved Transit App

Design Thinking that lead to building this product and made it the most loved transit app in Delhi


An enterprise budgeting software

From concept to Fortune 500 as customers


North America’s most comprehensive restaurant discovery tool

Sirved makes it easy to find your food by location, cuisine, craving or restaurant, and by dietary needs which makes Sirved unique amongst the options available in the market.


Enterprise union-management platform

An MVP that evolved and acquired the world’s best airlines as it’s customers


Electric vehicle charging platform

A pioneer in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Finoit worked with them to build web applications and kiosk management solutions.

Hytorc Bolting

World’s leading industrial bolt manufacturer

Hytorc used Finoit for their enterprise app development


SaaS-based Enterprise Survey Platform

Story of building an MVP, finding product-market fit and achieving scale.


Field sales and service management software

FieldCircle helps global enterprises to manage their field sales & service operations effectively & efficiently


A modern way to manage projects in the construction industry

SaaS application created to provide real-time monitoring and management of construction projects and collaboration of project managers, owners, clients, and other project stakeholders.


A vendor and auction management platform

eTrade Procurement is a reverse auction platform that helps drive down prices. Enterprises can use the platform for vendor management and quote and auction management.


Trade and barter things, without money

Changing the way people connect and conduct business using their talents, skills, and stuff.


Merchant and loyalty management marketplace

A web and mobile-based eCommerce marketplace application, enabling merchants to sell their products, services and provide offers/discounts to the customers.


An IoT product facilitating connected and smart homes and offices

An IoT based, remote device management hardware and web application solution facilitating home and office automation by the remote management of devices and appliances.

Mystic Stamp

Every day America’s Leading Stamp Dealer shares neat events from our past.

Only Women

Dating app to find like minded women in nearby area.


Eduventive is a web and mobile-based eLearning platform. It is designed to build a better teaching and learning experience for both instructors as well as learners, and providing data analysis on the learning of someone so that it could be self-paced and adaptive in nature.