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Monolithic To Microservices Architecture

Planning A Migration From Monolithic To Microservices Architecture – A Detailed Guide

Monolithic systems are often used with legacy systems, but this software architecture has been in use especially for building simple programs and proof-of-concept applications. However, businesses these days increasingly seek flexible and scalable software solutions as applicatio... Read More

best django backend hosting servers

Comparative Analysis of Best Django Backend Hosting Servers in 2023

The landscape of web development is witnessing a rapid change and the preference of developers is towards using technologies that can help b... Read More

django security best practices

Why Should you Consider Django Security When Building Applications: Top 18 Best Practices with use Cases

Lately everyone from individuals, to small businesses to large corporations has been a target of cyberattacks. Back when the world was not a... Read More

law firms website

Most Business From References! Does a Website or Digital Marketing Even Matter for law firms?

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said, “the good lawyer is not the man who has an eye to every side and angle of contingency, and qualifies al... Read More

where to find great python developers

Top 8 Places Where you can Hire Great Python Developers

Python development can be overwhelming, drowning you in frameworks, tools, and APIs. You’re at a crossroads – your project’... Read More

strategies for law firms branding

Building A Legal Brand: Strategies For Triumph and Traps to Dodge

For many years, law firms have relied on conventional messages and established networks to market and brand themselves. But as the market be... Read More

digital grow for law firms

Shifting From Brick To Click: 5 Things Law Firms Must Do To Grow Using Technology

Digital transformation has swept through most industries, even the legal; though the pace of adoption has been a bit slower when compared to... Read More

Law Firms Struggle To Grow

Top 5 Reasons Why Most Law Firms Struggle to Grow and Expand

In 2012, a thriving law firm, internationally recognized, was dissolved. With around 1000 attorneys and offices located at more than 25 loca... Read More

Top Python Frameworks

12 Python Frameworks You Should Know

You’ve decided to build a website using Python because it’s easy to use, has lots of libraries, and has excellent development and testin... Read More

Customization and Scalability in SaaS Offerings

Proven Ways to Balance Customization and Scalability in SaaS Offerings

Running a SaaS business may seem deceptively simple, but there are various tasks and challenges to manage behind the scenes. One such challe... Read More

Top Recruitment Strategies for Startups

Don’t Miss Out on the Top Recruitment Strategies for Startups

A common topic among startup owners is the growing pain of expanding their team size. According to CB Insights, 14% of new startups fail due... Read More