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With experience in building 100+ web-based solutions, Finoit stands as a professional web development company providing a spectrum of web development services from web development consulting, design, and development to meet the client’s requirements and the functionality they envision. And give a digital platform with our expertise in the industry as well as experience creating high-performing enterprise-level web-based solutions. We blend captivating web designs with robust architectures and redefine online presence, thereby transforming your business goals into dynamic, user-centric realities.

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Web Solutions Finoit Provides

As a professional web development services company, we excel in various facets of web
development, covering the following services:

Web Development Consulting

As a professional web development consulting firm, we formulate strategies tailored to match your business needs, offering you a blueprint to improve your web platform’s performance. By offering expertise for seamless web development as per the application type, we guide businesses to build impactful online presence.

Web Portals

We aim to build user-centric online platforms that can serve as centralized hubs and act as a channel for seamless interaction and information exchange among users. Tailored to specific business needs, our web portals offer myriad features from user authentication and collaboration tools.

Website Development

We execute web development with a holistic approach where our website design services, agile development mindset, and focus on optimization play a vital role. Our developers leverage cutting-edge web technologies to design, develop, and maintain websites that are fully customizable and scalable in the long run.

eCommerce Website Development

Accommodating secure payment gateways, user-friendly interfaces, inventory management functionality, and every other necessary feature is integral to our eCommerce solutions. So whether you’re a start-up or a large-scale enterprise, with our eCommerce development support, you build a scalable online store that is tailored to your specifics.

Web Applications

We excel in crafting responsive web apps for both platforms, desktop or mobile. We are keenly aware of a web application’s importance in offering a seamless experience to users. So, through our web app development support, we diligently translate the requirements into intended functionalities.

Content Management System (CMS) Development

Our developers specialize in designing, implementing, and maintaining CMS platforms, empowering clients to efficiently manage digital content. With our expertise in coding, customization, and integration, you experience seamless functioning of CMS, providing clients with capabilities for content creation, editing, and organization on their web platforms.

Why Choose Finoit for
Your Web Development Project

While there are many web development companies, we make a compelling case for any business to collaborate with us due to the reasons summarized in the following attributes.

Web Development Success Stories

Web Development
Cost At Finoit

We understand that each web development project works against different set of criteria, and so while coming up with the costing structure for our clients, we focus on:

Transparent Pricing Model

We assess the requirements to offer customized, transparent quotes that align with the project’s scope, complexity, and specific needs. Through in-depth analysis, we break down costs and offer clarity to clients on what they need to pay for each activity, including design, development, testing, or additional features or integrations, as required by the project.

Value Proposition

We translate our services into tangible benefits that reflect in efficiency improvement, higher user engagement, and market expansion. Focusing on scalability, security, and user satisfaction for sustainable growth, we bring long-term value through our assistance.

Factors Influencing Web Development Costs

We carefully analyze and consider every factor that can affect your project. In this move, we consider the complexity of a web project, including custom functionalities, integrations, and technologies required. Besides, we also consider the project timeline and how it can impact costs while dealing with expedited projects that demand resource reinforcement.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Various Needs

We provide flexible engagement models that cater to different budgetary and project requirements. The approach offers our clients the required flexibility to choose an arrangement that best fits their financial and project needs. Our tailored service packages bundle design, development, and maintenance services and help you achieve cost efficiency.

Comparing Finoit’s Pricing with Industry Standards

As we promote a transparent relationship, we offer you an opportunity to carry out a comparative analysis of our pricing relative to industry standards. You can gauge the competitive advantage in terms of quality, timelines, and post-deployment support you get through us.

Build Great Team with Us, with Flexible
Engagement Models

Collaboration options for development can differ from business to business. With this realization in mind, we offer the following ways to partner with us and secure the benefits of our services.

Industries We Serve

Providing quality web development solutions, we have successfully catered to the following industries as we are expanding our horizon across other industries.


We build platforms integrating appointment systems, telehealth features, and secure patient portals. Fostering patient engagement, streamlining administrative tasks, and securing the exchange of crucial health information, these web-based platforms improve overall patient care and experience.

Automotive and Transportation

Our digital platforms enable seamless online vehicle transactions, incorporate interactive customization tools, and offer real-time tracking for transportation services. Improving accessibility of insights, our web apps thus optimize automotive and logistics operations.


We craft web apps for education that act as hubs for e-learning, student management, and interactive educational content. They centralize academic resources, facilitate online learning, and improve communication between students, educators, and administrators.

Banking and Finance

Our BFSI web solutions focus on secure online banking interfaces, financial management tools, and customer relationship systems. Infused with robust security, they turn out to be key for efficient transactions and availing personalized financial services.


Whether you are operating a brick-and-mortar or online store, our web design and development services offer a range of solutions that personalize your shopping experience and also streamline your journey across the store. Important in elevating customer engagement, they secure online transactions and provide data-driven insights for optimizing sales strategies.

Travel and Tourism

With features that simplify online bookings, integrate travel itineraries, and offer comprehensive destination guides, we streamline your customers’ journey. You streamline reservation processes and provide real-time travel updates, promoting increased bookings and brand loyalty.

Media and Entertainment

We offer dynamic hubs for multimedia content, content distribution, and user engagement. They expand audience reach, facilitate content discovery, and create vibrant online spaces for media and entertainment brands.


Our expertise lies in offering web solutions that enhance connectivity and customer service for telecommunications companies. We deliver solutions, including customer portals, billing systems, and support platforms, while focusing on innovative features and scalability to accommodate growing subscriber bases.


We develop websites and donation platforms for non-profit organizations infused with interactive features that promote engagement and transparency. Designed to suit the theme of your organization, our applications come in handy in every activity, right from fundraising, capacity building to community development.

Utility and Energy

Have at your disposal solutions that bring remarkable improvement in operational efficiency and promote sustainable use of energy. From customer service portals, billing systems, and energy management tools, we develop web applications that bring an all-round improvement in your overall operations.

Process of Our
Web Development

The standard approach we follow for delivering our web solutions encompasses the following stages that incorporate agile principles.

Industry Analysis

In the initial stage of the web development process, our experts analyze the industry in which the business operates. An essential step to start with, it guides us to identify all features that we will have to incorporate in the application, in keeping with the business’s goals

UX and UI Design

We lay a strong focus on building responsive design that makes every element on the web platform engaging, organized, and easy to navigate. The goal is to build a web platform with a user-friendly interface that enhances the overall user experience.

Web Architecture

An important stage covers design, API connections, site structure, navigation, URL structure, and accessibility and lays the foundation for the web platform. It also incorporates design principles, setting the stage for a well-structured and easily navigable platform.

Front-end development

We next translate the planned design into an interactive and functional user interface using front-end technologies that most suit the project’s technicalities. The focus is on building a frontend platform that allows users to easily interact with the platform and use its various features without any hassles.

Back-end Development

Our back-end developers next secure the front-end with a robust back-end, by leveraging server-side technologies to build databases. It forms the backbone that supports the overall operation and performance of the platform.


We incorporate necessary third-party APIs, payment gateways, CRM systems, and other project-specific applications for seamless functionality. We carefully integrate the external elements and make sure that each integration further enhances the web platform’s performance.

Testing and QA

We conduct various tests to ensure the functionality, performance, usability, and security of the web platform. With this approach, our quality assurance team identifies and rectifies issues or bugs present in the web platform that lead to a quality product.

Maintenance and Update

For the web platform’s sustainable performance and to keep it ever-secure, our support team remains in constant touch with the client post-launch. Through ongoing maintenance and periodic and ad-hoc updates, the platform is up-to-date and evolves with evolving and shifting user expectations.

Technologies and Platforms We Hold Expertise In

We incorporate the following web technologies but are not limited to them, as each project comes with different technical and business requirements to develop a web application.

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