Custom Software Development Services

Finoit is a custom software development company that specializes in providing customized services by understanding the distinct requirements, objectives, and vision of a business. Our team of certified skilled professionals utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver scalable, dependable, and user-friendly custom software design. We strive to create customized software solutions that prioritize the needs of your users, enhance their user experience, and drive your business growth.

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Our Array of Custom Software Development Services

Here are our specialized custom software consulting services exclusively crafted for you:

Custom Software Consulting

We provide you custom software consulting service with our team of certified professionals. Our approach involves collaborating with you to analyze your business vision, objectives, and challenges based on which we formulate strategies, custom software design, and roadmaps that align technology with your business goals.

Cloud Application Development

We help you to develop custom cloud applications for your business. Leveraging the power of cloud computing, we devise scalable, secure, and innovative custom API development and integration with your cloud-based applications. Our designed customized software solutions enhance the flexibility, accessibility, and reliability of your business operations.

Software Product Engineering

We engineer and transform your envisioned product into reality with our custom software development services. Our end-to-end process of creating robust, scalable, high-performance software products involves conceptualization to deployment to maximize outcomes for your business.

UI/UX Design

We design intuitive, visually appealing, and user-centric customized software to elevate your products or service’s usability and overall appeal. User experience is at the heart of our custom software design and development philosophy.

Legacy Software Modernization

Our Legacy software modernization system aims to upgrade your outdated systems and platforms. As an efficient custom software consulting firm, we breathe new life into your legacy software, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to enhance your business’s performance, security, and efficiency.

Software Support and Maintenance

Finoit ensures reliable, round-the-clock support and maintenance services to keep your custom-developed software running smoothly. Our dedicated team provides timely updates, troubleshooting, and enhancements to optimize your business growth.

Why Choose Finoit
for Custom Software Development

Here are some reasons for which you should consider customized software development services from us:

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Custom Software Development Costing At Finoit

The cost of custom software development in Finoit ranges between $10000-500,000 and at $15-50/hr. Additionally, the cost of software development may vary widely depending on a multitude of factors:

Software Application Type/Number of Platforms and OS Version

The cost of custom software development is heavily influenced by the type of application being built and the number of platforms and operating system versions it needs to support. We ensure transparent cost projections based on these criteria.

Performance, Security, Scalability

We prioritize performance, security, and scalability in our custom software development. Implementing robust security measures, optimal performance tuning, and scalable architecture contribute to the overall cost.


Whether it’s advanced functionalities, real-time capabilities, or integration with third-party services, each feature adds complexity and requires dedicated resources, influencing the final cost of the project.

Complexity of UI/UX Design

The complexity of UI/UX design is a crucial factor affecting the overall cost. Intricate designs and a focus on user experience contribute to additional efforts in development, influencing the final cost for custom software projects.

Complexity of Integration

The intricacy of weaving different components together or connecting the software with external systems or APIs, ensuring seamless communication, and maintaining data integrity are all factors that influence the project estimation.

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Industries We Serve

Finoit extends its custom software development services to clients from every vertical


We offer customized software development services to establish your business in the healthcare domain. Our solutions help streamline administrative processes, automate patient care, and improve operational efficiency. They integrate with the client’s CRM, and real-time analytics, to manage patient information schedules and facilitates seamless communication that enhances patient outcomes. Our customized services for this sector include:

  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • Health Information Exchanges
  • Healthcare Analytics And Business Intelligence
  • Healthcare Infrastructure Management


We offer custom software development services to streamline learning management systems, automate administrative tasks, and enhance the educational experience of end users. Our solutions facilitate content delivery, automate grading, and manage student data efficiently, thereby improving the overall learning environment with the following offerings:

  • Education Application Development, Maintenance and Management
  • Mobile Learning Solutions Development
  • E-learning solutions
  • Learning management system
  • Classroom management platform

Banking and Finance

Finoit provides custom software service solutions to automate banking transactions, enhance security measures in BFSI, and streamline financial operations. Our software manages accounts, automates loan processing, and improves data analysis, empowering institutions to deliver secure and efficient financial services. As a custom application development company, we offer the following services to our banking and finance clients:

  • Secure Financial Application Development
  • Contracts Authoring and Approval Management
  • Payment apps
  • Modern budgeting platforms
  • Neo-banking solution development
  • Banking process management tools
  • Analytics and financial forecasting apps
  • AR/AP tools development


In order to enhance customer engagement, automate inventory management, and streamline sales processes we offer solutions that optimize point-of-sale systems, automate order processing. Addition we design solutions that improve customer relationship management to elevate the retail experience with custom software development for:

  • Software Development and Maintenance
  • IT Solutions for Supply Chain Management
  • POS and Supply Relationship Management Solutions·
  • Multi-Channel Retailing
  • Testing and Validation
  • Online store development
  • Vendor management platform development
  • Distribution and inventory software development
  • Reporting and analytics tools

Travel and Tourism

Our customized software solution provides comprehensive telematics integration to meet the transportation industry’s needs, along with real-time vehicle tracking, fleet management, and analytics implementation. We develop solutions that integrate with reservation systems, automate travel arrangements, and manage customer interactions to improve travel operations like

  • Telematics
  • Vehicle health diagnostics
  • Roadside assistance Software
  • Routing and dispatch management
  • Modern Mobile Solutions
  • Fleet management and maintenance solutions

Media and Entertainment

Finoit offers custom software development for the media and entertainment industry that enhances content management, automates distribution processes, and streamlines audience engagement. Our customized solutions optimize content delivery, automate content scheduling, and improve user experience, contributing more intuitive and insightful media solutions. Our offering for this sector includes

  • Social networking apps
  • Social analytics platform
  • Photo and video app
  • Network specific tools
  • Influencer marketplaces
  • Social management tools

Non-profit Organigations

We recognize the challenges most non-profit organizations have to face in managing operations and serving communities. Our non-profit solutions empower organizations to automate tedious tasks, streamline operations, and improve overall management to allow such organizations to focus more on their mission and less on administrative overhead. We aim to enhance overall efficiency for non-profit organizations with solutions like:

  • Donation Management Software
  • Volunteer Management Systems
  • Grant Management Software
  • CRM for Non-Profits’

Utility and Energy

We offer customized software solutions to address the challenges of managing resources, optimizing processes, and meeting regulatory requirements of our utility and energy clients. Our solutions empower organizations to automate critical processes, improve resource management, and comply with industry regulations. Our aim is to enhance operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and create a more sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure for our clients with solutions like:

  • Energy Management Software
  • Grid Management Solutions
  • Customer Information Systems (CIS)
  • Compliance and Regulatory Software

What goes in the
Process of Our Custom Software Development

We strategically plan our process of custom software development through the following steps:


Our initial step is to tailor a framework specific to your project’s requirements and collaboration type. As an integral part of this process, we analyze the needed functionalities, project requirements, and client expectations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding before initiating the custom software development phase.

Design and Architecture

In this phase we craft the software architecture, selecting the appropriate tech stack, and creating a seamless UI/UX design. Our team ensures that every aspect aligns with the custom requirements of the project, optimizing for functionality, usability, and scalability.


With a robust plan and design, our certified custom software developers begin their coding and implementation phase. They bring the software to life using industry best practices and cutting-edge technologies. In addition, continuous collaboration and iterative development ensure that the evolving product aligns with your expectations and project goals.

QA and Testing

Quality assurance is integral to our process. Rigorous testing is conducted to ensure software meets the highest standards. We methodically verify functionalities and identify and rectify any bugs or defects, providing a flawless user experience.


Once the software passes the QA phase, it’s ready for deployment. Our deployment process involves seamless transitioning from development to live operation. We ensure a smooth launch, providing the necessary support and assistance to make the transition effortless for your business.

Software Maintenance

Our commitment does not end with deployment. We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the customized software solution continues to perform optimally. This includes regular performance monitoring, security updates, feature enhancements, and addressing any issues that may arise post-deployment.

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Our Technology Stack

Our technology infrastructure for custom software development is comprised of as following:

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