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Digital revolution has unfolded fast in the travel and hospitality industry. The rise of agent ecosystem and AI penetration is taking the industry to new technological heights. From travel agencies to travelers, each stakeholder is dependent on technology-fueled solutions. Finoit as a professional travel software development company offers an opportunity to leverage the best-in-class travel and hospitality software applications. Generating high ROI, our solutions are indispensable assets to offer convenient journeys to travelers.

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Services Finoit Provides Under Travel Software Development


As professional consultants we work with travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, and hotels to identify inefficiencies in their existing workflows, recommend stack improvements, and devise tech-driven strategies for integrating new tools through:

  • Technology-based transformation Roadmaps
  • Customer experience enhancement and Smart Hoteling
  • Carbon footprint analysis and Sustainability Reporting

Custom Travel Software Development

We help you build unique booking engines to accommodate complex itineraries, multi-modal travel planning tools, thus catering to the specific needs of your travel agency by offering applications that cover:

  • Advanced reservation management systems equipped with dynamic pricing engines
  • Itinerary Management Tools and Online Travel Agency (OTA) Platforms
  • Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Travel Marketing Automation Tools

Travel App Development

We build cutting-edge desktop and mobile apps for travel service providers as well as travelers that offer necessary features for itinerary management, real-time flight updates, location-based recommendations, offline access to travel documents, and integration with loyalty programs. These apps span:

  • Travel Expense Management Apps, Travel Guide Apps, and Travel Insurance Apps
  • Tour Package Booking Apps, Vacation Rental Apps, and Cruise Booking Apps
  • Travel Deals and Discounts Apps, Travel Weather Apps, Travel Safety and Security Apps

BI and Analytics

Our experts help travel companies use analytics to understand peak booking periods, customer preferences for destinations, or the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, so that they can direct their strategies in the right direction. This is made possible via analysis around:

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Yield Management and Ancillary Revenue
  • Campaign Performance and Customer Acquisition

AI and Machine Learning

Own AI-powered chatbots for instant customer support and leverage predictive analytics to accurately forecast travel trends and demand. Our expertise will also assist you in detecting fraudulent transactions, and improve the accuracy of travel itineraries and schedules. We build tools that include but are not limited to:

  • Recommendation engines for destination suggestion
  • Pricing system that use dynamic models
  • Voice Search, Virtual Travel Agents, AR Wayfinding, and 360-Degree Videos and Photos

Support and Maintenance

By providing round-the-clock technical support, we make sure that your travel software systems remain operational 24/7, and assists you in offering uninterrupted service to your customers. We also provide refresher training to empower your team and maximize the value of your investment. Our support assistance helps in

  • Regularly releasing software updates and patches
  • Fix software bugs and Quickly diagnosing and resolving technical issues
  • Continuously monitor the performance

Travel Software Modernization

We revitalize your outdated travel systems by migrating them from legacy set-up to cloud-based infrastructure, infusing latest technologies, and reinforcing security. While improving the functionality of the system, we make it compatible with current industry standards and regulations by offering and an extensive range of services that cover:

  • Legacy System Assessment and Technology Stack Upgradation
  • UI Modernization, Data Migration and Management, and Performance Optimization
  • Legacy Code Refactoring, and Microservices Architecture and CI/CD Implementation

Travel Software Solutions Finoit Offers

Online Booking System

Our booking software revolutionizes the way your travelers reserve their accommodations, flights, and activities. Seamlessly integrating with your website, our tool offers a user-friendly interface, real-time updates, and secure transactions, and thus paves way for hassle-free bookings.

White Label Travel Portal

Tailored to your specifications, this portal provides a seamless booking experience for your customers while maintaining your brand identity. With advanced APIs and backend functionalities, you can effortlessly integrate diverse travel services and quickly build a strong online presence.

Car Rental and Hire

Equipped with user-friendly interfaces, robust features, and dynamic pricing algorithms, our tool optimizes reservation handling for vehicle rental and hire. It thus significantly levels up customer satisfaction, and offers smooth experience to both clients and rental companies.

Travel Agent Software

From itinerary planning to booking management, our travel agent application provides all the tools they need to deliver exceptional service to clients. With access to a vast inventory of travel services and personalized recommendation features, it strengthens client relationships and boosts sales.

Destination Management System

Centralize information on attractions, accommodations, and activities, for efficient itinerary planning and resource allocation. Offering real-time updates and flawless communication channels, our tool helps you offer a memorable experience for travelers.

Travel Inventory Management

Track availability, pricing, and bookings in real-time, optimizing distribution and maximizing revenue potential. With intelligent forecasting algorithms, our tool lets you stay ahead of demand and sustain operational efficiency.

Cruise Booking System

With robust deck planning, and onboard amenity tracking features, our cruise booking system maintains the efficiency of your cruise line operations. Employing advanced algorithms, it offers precise capabilities for cabin allocation, taking into account passenger preferences and group bookings.

Tour Management Software

From itinerary planning to logistics coordination, our tour management application offers a suite of features to optimize every stage of the tour lifecycle. Equipped with dynamic scheduling tools, it assists in efficient coordination of guides, smooths transportation, and aids in hassle-free accommodations.

What are The Features of Our Travel Software

Booking Management

Allows users to search, book, modify, and cancel reservations for flights, hotels, car rentals, activities, and other travel-related services.

Reservation System Integration

Integration with Global Distribution Systems (GDS) or third-party APIs to access real-time inventory and pricing information from airlines, hotels, and other service providers.

Payment Gateway Integration

Secure payment processing for online bookings, supporting multiple currencies and payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and other popular payment gateways.

Customer Management

Profile creation, customer data management, and communication tools for personalized services, notifications, and support.

Multi-Platform Support

Compatibility with various devices and platforms, including web browsers, mobile apps (iOS, Android), and sometimes even integration with voice assistants or chatbots.

Inventory Management

Tracking and managing availability of flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, and other travel products in real-time, including features like overbooking prevention.

Geolocation and Mapping

Integration with mapping services to provide location-based services, directions, and recommendations to users.

Dynamic Packaging

Allowing users to create customized travel packages by combining various components such as flights, accommodation, and activities.

Reviews and Ratings

User-generated reviews and ratings for destinations, hotels, and other services, helping users make informed decisions.

APIs for Third-Party Integration

Exposing APIs to allow integration with other systems, such as CRM software, accounting tools, or marketing automation platforms.

Mobile Check-in and Boarding Passes

Mobile-friendly features for checking in to flights, accessing boarding passes, and receiving flight updates in real-time.

Customer Support Tools

Helpdesk systems, live chat support, and ticketing systems for providing timely assistance and resolving customer queries and issues.

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Travel Software Development Process for Great Customer Experience

As a seasoned software development firm with expertise in Travel applications, we adopt a meticulous and strategic approach to our development process. We guide our journey through these key steps:


Initially, we develop a holistic understanding of client requirements by analyzing market trends, and defining project scope. Through meetings and research, our team of business analysts and developers gather data to align development with business goals and audience needs.


Having understood the business needs, next, our team creates user personas, maps out user flows, and designs the UI/UX. Wireframes and prototypes are developed iteratively for optimal usability and aligning the process with client expectations and project goals.


A cornerstone process, here our team sets up the development environment and tools, and builds backend systems like booking engines and CMS, and frontend UI components. We implement integration with third-party systems, and conduct tests throughout the development process.


Comprehensive testing, including unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests, is performed to ensure the software meets quality standards. User acceptance testing (UAT) involves client feedback, and any identified bugs or issues are resolved promptly.


Here, the hosting environment and infrastructure are set up, and the application is deployed to the production environment. Through final testing and validation, we ensure that everything functions correctly. Finally, we provide our client required training and documentation for quick and easy adoption.

Maintenance and Support

It is essential to keep the system ever updates, which we achieve by monitoring application performance and security, implementing updates, patches, and new features as needed. We offer 24/7 support and incident response for continuous smooth operation of the software.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is travel software?

It is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and automate various processes in the hospitality and travel industry. It typically includes features for booking management, itinerary planning, customer relationship management (CRM), payment processing, inventory management, and analytics.

Why do travel businesses need travel management software?

Travel businesses need travel management software to significantly enhance their operational efficiency and provide a superior customer experience. As a one-stop tool, it automates routine tasks such as booking, scheduling, and invoicing, which not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of manual errors. Most importantly, the software centralizes all travel-related data into one platform, and helps businesses gain better visibility and make more informed decisions.

How much does Finoit’s travel and hospitality software development services cost?

The cost varies based on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the specific features and functionalities required, the timeline for development, and any customization needs. It’s best to connect with us for a detailed quote that our experts will offer after assessing your specific requirements.

How long does it take to develop a custom travel software?

The development timeline for custom travel software can vary significantly based on the scope and complexity of the project. Generally, a basic software solution can take anywhere from a few months to a year to develop. More complex systems with extensive customization may take longer. Factors such as the number of features, integration requirements, testing phases, and client feedback cycles will decide the timeline.

What types of travel businesses can benefit from travel software?

Travel software benefits a wide range of travel businesses, including travel agencies, tour operators, corporate travel departments, airlines, hotels, car rental services, and travel consolidators. Overall, any business involved in arranging, booking, and managing travel services streamline its operations and enhance customer satisfaction with the right software solution.