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Automotive Software Development

Finoit is a leading automotive software solutions provider. We develop robust applications by implementing the latest technology platforms, and thereby help automotive and transportation businesses build robust business processes.

Automotive Software Development Services that Help You Scale

The Automotive and transportation industry acts as the much-coveted lifeline for a connected global economy. It plays a vital role in overcoming the barriers of borders, distance, time, and regulations. However, evolving conditions demand fresh business processes, laced with sophisticated technology, which is where Finoit plays its part. We cater to the specific needs of businesses from this domain through our quality automotive solutions that span:


We offer guidance across a wide spectrum of services, spanning from routine automotive software development, and mobile app development to specialized guidance. Our seasoned consultants work tirelessly to

  • Refine development workflows
  • Fine-tune software architecture
  • Enable adherence to protocols and regulations

Software Development

Elevate your vehicle’s capabilities and deliver an unmatched driving experience with custom software applications tailored to various functions such as

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Telematics and autonomous Driving systems
  • Infotainment and Vehicle Diagnostic Systems

Automotive App Development

Empower your automotive endeavors with our expertise in crafting a diverse array of automotive applications that encompass crucial areas such as

  • Navigation and GPS remote control
  • Driver and Vehicle safety, and connected vehicles
  • Car-sharing, Ride-hailing, Fleet Management, and Vehicle Insurance

Embedded Development

Embed your vehicles with top-notch embedded automotive apps that ensure optimal functionality by managing every key automobile components such as

  • Engine and Body Control Modules
  • Safety Systems and Instrument Clusters
  • Transmission, Suspension and Chassis Control

BI and Analytics

Unlock unparalleled growth opportunities through data-driven insights using our Analytics expertise, so that you have at your fingertips accurate insights around

  • Demand for vehicles and parts
  • Warranty claims and Vehicle Profitability
  • Breakdowns, Production Interruptions, and Emissions

AI and Machine Learning

Cutting-edge automotive software apps are incomplete without AI and machine learning, as we follow this thumb rule by incorporating them for

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Vehicles adjustment to diverse driving conditions
  • Lane Keeping and Collision Avoidance

Support and Maintenance

We recognize the importance of continuous maintenance and updates for vehicle-installed software, and with our seamless support ensure uninterrupted functionality by providing

  • Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Regular training support

Integration Services

Seamless integration of both external and internal software is essential for harmonious functioning of vehicle hardware. Our experts specialize in simplifying this intricate process by adeptly

  • Managing integration-specific demands
  • Assimilate software smoothly in the hardware
  • Efficiently onboarding functionalities

Automotive Software Modernization

We assist you shift from conventional, isolated setups to integrated, scalable architectures, ensuring that your vehicles

  • Remain align with ongoing technological progress
  • Deliver better performance
  • Offer the latest functionalities to drivers

Our Automotive Software Solution Offerings

Automotive Dealer Management Systems (DMS)

Elevate your dealership with a tailored Automotive Dealer Management System (DMS) designed to meet your unique requirements. Using our automotive software engineering expertise, you can build a robust DMS equipped with a range of essential tools, including

  • Inventory Management
  • Sales tracking
  • CRM and Financial Accounting.

Digital Twin Development

Avail assistance of the best Digital twin experts to build digital replicas or twins of physical vehicles or automotive systems. Using agile development processes, we extract value from your data by combining 3D modeling and IoT for

  • Prototyping, Testing, and Ongoing Monitoring
  • Scenario Simulation
  • Energy Efficiency and Predictive Maintenance

Automotive eCommerce Development

Build high-performance online stores for sale of vehicles, parts, and accessories by collaborating with experts, who bring cross-functional experience across automotive, eCommerce, custom software development, and digital marketing, which helps

  • Designing and Optimize Store
  • Increase Visibility and Drive Traffic
  • Improve Conversions and Enhance Sales

EV Charging Station Software Development

Keeping both station operators and EV owners in mind, we meticulously design and implement robust software applications that helps

  • Ensure interoperability with various charging standards (CCS, CHAdeMO, etc.)
  • Manage power distribution, load balancing and smart grid integration
  • Establish communication between EV and charging stations

Maintenance Software Development

We analyze your existing maintenance process to develop a holistic understanding of your fleet maintenance needs, and using this as input, integrate diagnostics tools and predictive maintenance algorithms to build an application which

  • Offers user-friendly interfaces for mechanics and technicians
  • Streamlines vehicle servicing and reduce downtime
  • Bolsters vehicle safety

Fleet Management Software Development

Manage your fleet with the best-in-class software that is developed after careful analysis of all important parameters such as vehicle types, geographical scope, maintenance scheduling and fuel management for

  • Optimized Route Planning, lowering TAT
  • Accurate Dispatching and Communication
  • Fuel efficiency and associated Cost Savings

Telematics Software Development

Our telematics solution represents a valuable resource, equipping automotive businesses with the essential capabilities required for building vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity that offers

  • Real-time fleet tracking
  • Improvement in driver behavior
  • Automated reporting on payroll and taxes

Auto parts Inventory Software

Use our automotive engineering services to own an all-in-one auto parts inventory solution that is enabled with advanced algorithms and analytics for

  • Inventory Tracking and Prevention of Part Obsolescence
  • Automated PO and Better Order Fulfillment
  • Multi-location Management and Integration with POS Systems

Benefits of Using Finoit’s Automotive Software Development Services

Be it the automotive or the transportation field, we associate with our clients through our agile application development processes assure them a range of benefits such as:

  • Continuous Tracking: You can track and monitor vehicles in real-time using our online services in real-time, and retrieve details on their location and status.
  • Cost-effective Provisioning: Automated workflows expedite the process of onboarding new customers and partners, which streamlines administrative tasks and reduces the associated costs.
  • Automated Data Integration: Data is efficiently and accurately sourced and integrated from diverse sources, including vehicle sensors, databases, and external APIs.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Secured with advanced analytics tools that harness the data collected from vehicles and operations, you can follow the most appropriate course of action.
  • Managed File Transfer (MFT): Securely ensure data exchange through a well-implemented MFT process, without the risk of data breaches or loss, and obtaining visibility into data transfer.
  • Policy-based protection: Adhere to industry regulations and internal guidelines through automated checks and validation processes, through robust data encryption, access control, and protocol enforcement.

Automotive Software Development Technologies We Use

  • Programming Languages
  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • JAVA
    Dot Net
  • Operating Systems
  • QNX
  • Linux
  • Autosar
  • Development Frameworks
  • Ros
  • Ros
  • Communication Protocols
  • CAN
  • FlexRay

Our Notable Automotive Solutions


Equipped with a telematics and car health diagnostic solution, an auto accessories manufacturer shakes up the industry with a revolutionary new business model.


Infused with cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities, this holistic package, from optimizing routes, tracking assets, to assuring timely deliveries, is taking the automotive and transportation industry by storm.

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Product development in the automotive industry is subject to norms and regulations, and so, you need a development team with not just deft hands, but it must also be well-versed on the regulatory front. It is here that our role as a partner becomes indispensable in your project.

Finoit is a recognized name in automotive software development. With over a decade of experience in developing applications for automotive, logistics and transportation businesses, we have scripted several success stories.

Our credentials not only validate our technical expertise but also indicate our commitment to staying up-to-date with emerging technologies, which is crucial in the fast-paced automotive industry.

With us, you get an exceptional cost-effective solution through a world-class partner that uses the latest technologies.

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