ShorePower Technologies

Shorepower Technologies designs, builds, installs, and operates electrified parking
spaces at truck stops, travel plazas, warehouses, shopping malls of parking areas.

How did we provide quick and efficient custom energy vending solutions for Shorepower technologies.


Our client, Shorepower Technologies wanted to deploy Electrified Parking Spaces (EPS) at truck stops, rest areas, travel plazas, warehouses, truck depots, terminal, shopping malls, businesses and other parking areas. Prior to our association, the client had limited sites across the US.

But after we took over the realms, its business proliferated exceptionally. Shorepower currently owns 35-40 EPS sites all over the United States.


The existing client’s kiosk system was partially developed and was not stable. Also, the web portal and kiosk connectivity was unstable and users had a poor UI experience. Below were the key areas that needed immediate attention:

  • 1. KWH recordings
  • 2. Kiosk automated
    deployment procedures
  • 3. Kiosk fast response
    to the booking requests
  • 4. Better User experience
    for both Web and Kiosk
  • 5. Integrated system with
    self-healing techniques
  • 6. Technical aspects
    reducing manual intervention

The client chose us to be the implementation partner in view of our superior solutions approach and our
expertise in implementation.


We overcame the challenges by working on a thoughtful strategy, followed by its timely implementation. The steps we followed thus included:

  • Client Conferencing We continued persistent interactions with the client throughout the development stage and leveraged their inputs to sophisticate the existing system and incorporate new features in the same.
  • Kiosk Sophistication Enhancements in both the website and the Kiosk were required that we dealt with thoroughly. Our aim was to emancipate the end-users with the hassles of on-site EPS booking and problems being encountered during payments, and we catered to our goal by leveraging advanced technology platforms.
  • Payment and Control System The heart of all STEPS facilities is the automated payment and control system. We worked on allowing Shorepower to complete each transaction remotely and deliver services to drivers, without requiring any on-site personnel.

Design & Development

We utilized simple HTML with CSS and jQuery Ajax to give Shorepower website a decent and interactive look. The design for Kiosk was also created afresh. For initial design sketches, we first used wireframe tools and then transformed the rough draft to the real design after considerable discussions with client.


We performed through testing of the Kiosk at our end by leveraging apt devices and made it sure that the application works perfectly in enabling the customers to perform the requisite operations. For proper functionality of the web application and the website, we tested both on the basis of various test cases.


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