2Way Web and App development Case Study


A communication solution , designed for use within the modern union to streamline interaction with their members.


Client’s goal was to build a system for Airline Associations to bring ease in sending out important Newsletters, Journals to their Airline group members and keeping their Members updated with latest Events. The mobile apps created for the users had full Offline support making them useful anytime/anywhere.


Online and Offline Support

Since all Airline group members are frequent travelers, the mobile apps had to have full online and offline support with syncing to ensure communication flow.

Multiple Clients

2Way’s architecture is somewhat similar to SaaS based model, however varying for each clientele. So we have tenancy structure, where we have core architecture and we expand it for each client based on what do they need. It has multiple clients, each with their own Admin panel and iOS/Android apps. The specifications for each were varied.

Evolving Requirements

To keep the app at par with evolving techniques and changing requirements, we had to constantly add/edit modules in both front-end and backend. Multiple versions have been released with full support so that older version do not fail.

Ever Increasing Userbase

The user base is constantly increasing with new users in existing clients as well as addition of New clients. The server side is constantly monitored and optimized to withstand this load.

Processes Followed

The process initiated with planning, brainstorming and building the most optimized solution initially for proof of concept. Once that was achieved and client accepted the solution then the product was revamped along with adding lots of new features. Since then it has been ongoing and there are many more versions planned involving better scheduling and streamlining of information flow.


Our client built an effective communication solution, which is of great use for all sorts of unions where multiple stakeholders are involved. The solution has been tried, tested, and trusted by world’s most renowned names and ever growing entities.