Delhi NCR metro case study

Delhi NCR Metro

Mobile App to append convenience and flexibility to National / International tourists and proud Delhiites

A case study about how did we plan and build a platform to help commuters get information about Delhi Metro Rail Services.


Being a part of Delhi where our families, friends and colleagues were regularly using Delhi Metro and coming across lots of people asking simple questions about line information, train to catch and much. On further ideation we found the gap and envisioned a mobile app that could be a boon for the daily commuters of Delhi Metro.

The projected app was supposed to provide information about all the nitty gritties of Delhi NCR metro, such as metro station info, metro train info, details about fare, parking, elevators, tourist locations and all. Through this app, we aspired to comfort tourists and the daily commuters of Delhi Metro with processed and accurate information on India’s foremost modern public transportation system.


During the entire Delhi Metro app development process, i.e., from conceptualization to realization and in between, we came across and overpowered many challenges:


Providing accurate information for the metro app was of high importance

GPS Services

To equip the app with upscale functionality and enable them to find nearest metro, renowned locations etc.; so implementing GPS was inevitable.

Interactive map

Creation of interactive map as per the exact geographical locations, as most travellers using the app knew the lines.

Maximum information

The sole motive behind Delhi Metro app was to furnish maximum information with minimum input.


To come up with accomplished app, we devised fool proof strategy, whose major components included:

  • Brainstorming sessions Using agile methodologies our team interacted persistently at each phase of the design and development to decide the strategy for future moves regarding the app’s development progress.
  • Top UX/UI The aim was simple design. We ensured that the app remains as user interactive as possible in all the available platforms while using design practices of every technology, e.g. Auto Layout for iPhone and Material Design for Android.
  • Latest technology in use Concerning the burgeoning number of mobile users, we cared to introduce the app with all the major mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.
  • Manage upgrades To furnish maximum and updated information on Delhi Metro, we contemplated to update the app on regular basis that users could gain access to while offline.

Design & Development

To design the initial sketches of the app UI, we leveraged wireframe tools. Post prototyping we went for UX/UI design, iterated repetitively, finalized the design and then implemented the same using latest design practices. We also designed the Delhi Metro website with entrancing UI using HTML/CSS/JS and jQuery. You could visit it here…

Design & Development

For the development of Delhi Metro app on various platforms, we got in sync with different development teams and decided to do native app development instead of cross platforms. Idea was to give app users a great experience consistent with their mobile OS.


To develop iOS version of Delhi Metro app, we used the combination of iPhone SDK, Xcode, Objective-C, Swift and CoreData.


We utilized the combination of Android SDK, Java, SQLite, and Eclipse IDE to make the app available for all the Android versions, starting from Android 4.1 and above.


We tested the app for perfect functioning on different platforms and devices using varied test cases. Throughout the development, we kept on checking the app for usability and functionality via sandbox testing.


Developing Delhi NCR Metro App was a big achievement for us, as it helped us to assure uttermost convenience for the commuters at the comfort on their fingertips.


Some of our achievements

  • Ever since we uploaded the first version of the app over the web, it has till now received limitless downloads, and the process is still on.
  • Interactive route map feature helps users to know almost everything they want about Delhi Metro.
  • Users have also appreciated the noteworthy GPS feature that tells the nearest metro station close to a provided location.

Overwhelmed by the success of Delhi Metro, we got the encouragement to develop lots of other Metro apps for national and international cities as well, such as Dubai Metro, Bangalore Metro, etc. All of them are a big hit at present.