9 Interesting Facts About Web Application Development A Website Owner Must Know

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Your being on this page implies either you are building, have built, or planning to build a web application or site, and are looking for insights that could help you sail through its implementation and after-effects.

To begin with, let’s explore some interesting trivia about websites, including some amazing facts about web development and behind the scene elements that affect the website’s performance.

Interesting Web Application Development Facts

So, here are some amazing facts about web app development that will improve your understanding of your website and help you set your digital goals before you form a partnership with a web application development company.

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1. A Website Doesn’t Look Same on Diverse Computer Screens

Browsers on each device render a website in a different manner. It is for this reason, a website that looks a certain way on Google Chrome in a desktop computer looks different on Safari on your iPhone.

How a website will look on the screen depends on factors such as parsing and rendering, which means how a browser translates the code in a website and display it on your screen.

2. Most of the Readers Simply Scan the Website

In research on how people read websites, Nielsen Norman Group found that 79% of test users scanned the website, and only 16% of users read the text word by word.

This means a website must have scannable text, including keywords, sub-headings, bulleted lists, only one idea in a paragraph, and fewer words to enable readers to run through the content.

If a copy is not properly formatted for skimming and scanning, website visitors might lose their interest and skip to the next option in the search result. Good quality graphics, outbound hypertext links, and good writing together form a great copy.

So if you do not have your own team of copywriters, check with your web development firm if they offer such services or you might take help from external vendors.

3. Two Third of Web Usage is on Mobile Devices

The rise of smartphones has changed the medium through which users reach out to a website.

Most of the users browse the Internet on smartphones and so make sure your service provider optimizes the website to deliver a delightful mobile experience. Many sites also use a mobile app development company to build native apps or some of them build progressive web apps to provide native experience. Irrespective, you must consider mobile device compatibility.

4. Life Span of a Website is Just 3 Years

Digital space is continually evolving. From hardware to software, every aspect of the Internet is bound to change in a few years, and its result affects the websites too.

So, a website designed three years back must be upgraded to the latest technology available to provide the optimum level of user experience.

In the current scenario, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain have begun impacting websites.

Top companies have already powered their website with new-age technologies to adopt a data-driven approach and get visibility into the system.

5. Source Code of Website Affects Search Engine Ranking

Search engines read the source code of your website, so it is essential that web developers make the code SEO friendly.

Search engines like Google pick up the ranking signals from different HTML elements.

Web development during the application development process must focus on elements such as HTML title tags, meta description tags, header tags, and structured data tags. There is a lot already written about SEO and you must plan it in the nascent phase itself.

6. Website Template can Restrict the Capabilities of a Website

In the web application development market, website templates have become a common favorite of those who have little idea of coding and do not want to spend too much time on web app development or on the services of a software agency.

Although website templates are the easy way out, it limits your capabilities to use design elements of your choice or at times bloat coding as well.

7. Multimedia Content Can Have Positive and Negative on Your Website

Multimedia content such as videos and images must be used judiciously to achieve the desired result.

Although according to a report, 73% of visitors are influenced by videos, excessive use of videos and images could slow down the website significantly.

As a result, visitors may leave the website out of frustration. Besides, it can also make the website look messy and confuse them.

8. Demographics Impact the User Behaviour

One-size-fits-all websites are on extinction. Since people follow different cultures in different places, they react to technology differently as well.

It means demography plays an important role in user behavior.

To tackle this, businesses must conduct deep research on their visitor demographics to get a positive response from their users.

9. Users Form Their Opinions in 0.9 Seconds

It just takes 0.9 seconds for the users to form an opinion. So, make sure that the first few seconds when users land on the website provide them with a good experience.

You can create a good impression by using a proper content layout, images, and background theme.


It’s tough to mess with facts. But this does not mean that you have to develop a website that is simply a copy of other popular websites.

There is always room for experimentation and innovative ideas, but of course without meddling with facts.

Interesting Facts About Web Application Development You Must Know

Welcome to your 9 Interesting Facts About Web Application Development You Must Know

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