Why Choose Java: 7 Compelling Reasons to Learn the Programming Language

By Jagdish Bhatt
Compelling Reasons to Learn the Programming Language

The object-oriented language, Java is open source, which makes Java programming language one of the most popular choices among others.

There is a long list of programming languages and in case you are even slightly aware of the related domain, you must know the status Java has acquired lately.

Having the fame as one of the best programming languages, Java opens up door to innovation when it comes to coding.

It’s almost two decades since we know Java and the programming language has become more approachable each passing day.

Here is a chart that demonstrates the popularity of Java programming language among others and answers why choose Java?


Source: edureka

Just like every other programming language, Java has evolved extensively to lessen the code implementation dependencies. This gives more weightage to the language when compared to others.

The best thing about Java is that once a code is written it can be run at different places with or without a slightest change in the code.

Why You Should Learn Java Programming Language in 2019 – 7 Reasons

Besides the above-illustrated reason, there are a set of other reasons that makes Java programming language a compelling choice for developers. Here is a brief on the 7 reasons that entice users towards Java.

An Object-Oriented Programming Language

Java is object oriented means it follows a programming style that includes concepts such as class, object, inheritance, etc. This enhances the coding structure making Java highly relatable.

Additionally, developing OOP based apps is easier as it helps keeps the system flexible and extensible.

Java also promotes the use of object-oriented design patterns making it suitable for developers to work on code with this language.

Open Source Programming Language

As stated earlier, Java is open source meaning there is no requirement to write a code from the scratch. The source code is made available for the developers so that they could redistribute the same and use the code as per their requirements.

Java also offers a set of exceptional programming tools making it much easier for developers to work on the same.

The programming language also offers a great set of open source libraries which makes the development cost-effective and faster enough to implement.

Exceptional Community Support

Just like Android, Java also enjoys the support of extended community that helps resolve issues as soon as it appears.

The developers’ community welcomes support and interest of like-minded developers to help their network grow extensively.

The thriving community shares the knowledge and the related information to help budding developers enhance their coding skills.

One can either take the support from the community on an issue or discuss the same on the platform itself.

Java Has Rich APIs

API or application programming interface helps create software and apps by allowing the usage of a variety of tools.

Now the best thing about Java APIs is that developers can use the same even if they are not very much aware of the internal implementation of coding structure.

Java APIs are compatible enough and that makes it a right fit to use with other codes.

Moreover, there are more than 4500 APIs available to use and thus the developers can choose anyone as per their specific requirements. These APIs offer almost everything from XML parsing to utilities and to DB connections.

Versatile Programming Language

Java is extremely versatile meaning it can be used across platforms. The programming language is platform independent for different OS and that is why it is majorly liked by developers irrespective of the respective operating system.

Java’s popular taglines says “right once and run anywhere” that means Java bytecodes can be run on any hardware. Put simply, it means an app created in Windows environment can easily run on any other platform.

This gives great flexibility to the developers in terms of implementation of a single code on different platforms.

Excellent Documentation Support

Javadoc is an excellent piece of documentation that offers extended information on Java extensions to the developers.

Javadoc is purposely developed making coding easier for developers and to use a set of class easily.

Not everyone has got the time to learn how a class works and thus to make the things easier for such professionals, Javadocs works amazingly.

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Java Has Helped Create Some Real-World apps

The worth of Java can be calculated from the fact that popular entities like Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay, and Amazon all trust Java for their websites. And the popularity of these platforms is nothing new to us.

What makes Java more popular is the coding language is compatible enough to use for enterprise applications in support with technologies like IoT, AI, machine learning, and more.

The Bottom Line

All the reasons stated here makes Java one of the most interesting programming languages. It is easy to adapt, learn, and use for the purpose of developing an application.

Additionally, the Java APIs offer extent support when adding more features to an application. All this in combination makes Java one of the best languages to use.

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