The Future is With Java or Python?

Future of Java and Python

Here’s a short read that compares Java and Python and analyzes the strong or dismal survival chances of both the programming language.

Many developers would agree that Java is difficult and complex whereas Python is simple and so more productive. But one thing you will find that all those developers saying Python is simple are Java developers.

Because when it comes to talent availability and widespread use, Java tops the rank. The data by Oracle reveals that there are approximately 9 million Java developers throughout the globe, as compared to 4.3 million Python developers.

According to Tiobe Index for December 2018, Java holds the no.1 programming language title and Python is at the third position.

future of two crucial programming languages on the basis of this statistics

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Deciding the future of two crucial programming languages on the basis of this statistic alone would not be fair.

If we search through the popularity of the programming language, as the data published in, we can see Python toppling the Java, and has gained the no. 1 position.

However, this data has been prepared by analyzing the language tutorial searched on Google, mainly indicating the preferred language that programmers want to know more about.

Now we are left with two facts:
  1. Java was extremely popular in 2018, ranking no. 1.
  2. Python is gaining popularity among beginners or say developers who want to learn Python.

Java or Python: Comparison Report on 9 Factors

Below are basic differences between Java and Python.

Java Python
Statically typed programming language Dynamically typed programming language
Only supports object-oriented programming Support multiple aspects of object-oriented programming but does not depend on OO concepts for writing code.
Must be explicitly compiled into bytecodes. Does not support direct execution of statements. Designed to use interpretively, means Python statement entered at the interpreter prompt can be executed immediately.
Support a wide array of data types, mainly distinguished as primitive types and reference types. Primitive data types supported by Java are byte, short & long integers, float, double, and Boolean.
Reference data types supported are an annotation, array, class, interface, and enumeration.
Support classes, string, and collection of values.
Support in-built data such as Plain Integers, Long Integers, Complex Number, Real Numbers, Boolean.
Also support the collection of values such as strings, lists, and dictionaries.
Statement-oriented, means sentence ends with a semicolon, and so many statements can be added on one line. Line-oriented. Putting more than one state in line is not possible.
Java comments may begin with //, /*, and */ and can be extended over multiple lines. Python comments begin with # and end with the statement in a line.
Java strings must be enclosed in double quotes. Strings can be enclosed in single or double quotes.
Names in Java use mixed case. Class constants are used in all uppercase and with an underscore. No universal Python convention for naming variables, function, and classes.
Java uses different forms to loop over a range of integers. Python uses the built-in function to loop over a range of integers.

Now you can see why most of the Java developer find Python programming language simple and in turn productive. Whereas Java is complex, although it has more options for strings, classes, and functions.

Why Java Will Continue Its Success in Near Future?

Below are two crucial reasons that make Java the king of all programming languages.

  1. Java developers have all the benefits of a statically typed language or say strong language. For an example, Names in Java are types at compile time through explicit type declaration. So, at compile time, many runtime-errors get caught, unlike Python, by developers and compilers.
  2. Java is the language of software professionals. It critically depends on well-designed types, because its automatic type conversion is limited, and the compiler insists on having objects pass through the interface are converted either by automatic or inheritance type promotion.

Why Python Will Give Tough Competition to Java in Coming Days?

Python is the language of beginners. If you want to learn to code, begin with Python. It is also known as the prototyping language.

In near future, Python will be that one language that every developer will know and use to get their task done quickly.

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