iOS App Development Challenges That Nobody Told You Before


Your iPhone app development aspirations mainly depends on how efficiently your iOS app development company tackles the iOS app development challenges.

Naturally good iOS app developers increase the chances of successful iPhone app development but determining the capabilities of developers to term them “good” is difficult.

Especially when Apple keeps on changing the hardware and introducing new software with every new launch.

For the iOS app development companies, to keep themselves updated and to make their iOS developers acquainted with new iOS development challenges can follow two steps:

  1. Stay updated: learn new innovations and technologies instantly through engaging with iOS app development community and develop tips and trick to resolve the issues.
  2. Hire new iOS app developers: This way mobile app development companies can introduce experience and essential wealth of knowledge in the team.

Of course, these are not epiphany rather obvious, but the problem is these very obvious things require consistent practice, strategy, and investment, which many iOS app development companies fail to do.

Although, no matter what you do and how consistent and strategic you be, it would be always difficult to catch the pace of technology and customer’s preferences.

The best way to develop iOS apps could be to learn about the challenges so that your ideas don’t get stuck in between process and reality.

Mobile app owners also must be aware of these challenges, so that they don’t panic during the mobile app development process rather support their iOS mobile app development agency. However, many iOS app development companies would not like to tell you before you engage with them.

5 Crucial iOS App Development Challenges

Below are the 5-crucial iOS application development challenges that are faced by the companies. Being aware of the challenges help mobile app owners to stay calm in difficult situations and find out ways to combat those.

Challenge 1. Lack of Application Compatibility

Now that Apple has moved to 64-bit technology, it has informed the developers that “macOS Mojave is the last version of macOS to run 32-bit apps”. This means app developers have to optimize their mobile application to make it compatible with 64-bit technology.

Although developers can still continue to use 32-bit apps with their Mac, Apple’s treatment of older versions of application and devices is highly controversial.

If the apps are not regularly updated, it may slow down the device. As a result, iOS developers have to update the application in line with the latest releases.


Always check out the latest and upcoming Apple releases, so that you can create and test the app based on new versions. Besides, if you already have an iOS app, never stops the compatibility test to see whether your app is performing well on all Apple devices.

Challenge 2. Memory and Storage Limitations

The issue related to memory and storage limitation is mainly due to the number of Apple devices, each having its own set of space.

Many app developers miss checking out the device storage limits and how the app will perform on various Apple’s devices.


When creating an iPhone app, developers must ensure that the application is compatible with all the version of devices.

The best way to develop an iOS app is to create a lite version of apps that do not consume too much space and memory.

Challenge 3. Battery Life Consumption

No user wants an app that exhausts battery power too quickly.

The problem comes when mobile app owners want too many exhausting features in their app that consume battery power extensively. And iOS developers give in to the demands of app owners just to make them happy.

Developers must create a batter affable application that helps users to maintain the device’s battery power for a pretty long time.


Optimize the performance of the app to ensure minimum consumption of the device’s battery power.

Challenge 4. Getting App Store Approval

Submitting your app on Google Play is much easier than going live in the App Store.

Your app will be in competition with 2.2 million apps.

But remember these 2.2 million apps have already been approved by App Store, means they are still in a better position.

App Store rejects the app for many reasons, such as:
  • Lack of app meta-data
  • Missing functioning demo account
  • Bugs in the app
  • Features that are against Apple’s App Store guidelines
  • Incorrect background functionality
  • Privacy policy in the App Store listing
  • No specific reason for asking for personal information
  • No mechanism to filter objectionable content


Revise every feature and function of the app by carefully analyzing the parameters of App Store guidelines. Before you submit the app, make sure your iOS app development agency has tested the app in a live environment.

Challenge 5. Beta Testing

Beta testing of the app is part of Apple’s strategy and so it releases the beta testing framework for every app.

There are two conditions to beta testing that make it a challenge in iOS app development.

The first is Apple’s firmness in releasing beta tests of every version and second is preparing for the next version update.


The technique to tackle the challenge is to test your app in case of version update and remove the bug if found. Make sure that your iPhone application clears all the beta tests


Apple introduces hardware and software innovations every year while maintaining strict privacy and control standards. iOS Development firms must work in line with these innovations so that they can minimize the challenges faced during the app development process.

Key challenges are:
  • Lack of application compatibility
  • Memory and storage limitations
  • Battery life consumption
  • Getting App Store approval
  • Beta testing

If you wish to develop an iPhone app, make sure your technology partner has experienced iOS developers who are well-versed with the latest hardware and software innovations made by Apple.

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