iOS App Development Challenges That Nobody Told You Before

challenges of iOS development

Your iPhone development aspirations depend on how efficiently your iOS app development company tackles the app development challenges.

Naturally, good iOS app developers increase the chances of successful iPhone development. However, determining developers’ capabilities to term them “good” is problematic, especially when Apple keeps changing the hardware and introducing new software with every new launch.

For a business as well as an iOS app development company to keep itself updated and to make their iOS developers acquainted with new iOS development challenges, can follow two steps:

  1. Stay updated: learn innovations and technologies instantly through engaging with the iOS development community and develop tips and tricks to resolve the issues.
  2. Hire iOS app developers: This way, mobile app development companies can introduce the experience and an essential wealth of knowledge to the team.

Of course, these are not epiphanies rather obvious. Still, the problem is these undeniable things require consistent practice, strategy, and investment, which many iOS app development companies fail to do.

Although, no matter what you do and how consistent and strategic you be, it is always difficult to catch the pace of technology and customers’ preferences.

The best way to develop iOS apps could be to learn about the challenges so your ideas don’t get stuck between process and reality.

Below we have covered the crucial iOS app development challenges the companies face. Being aware of the challenges helps mobile app owners to stay calm in difficult situations and find out ways to combat those.

Lack of Application Compatibility

Now that Apple has moved to 64-bit technology, it has informed the developers that “macOS Mojave is the last version of macOS to run 32-bit apps”. This means app developers must optimize their mobile applications to make them compatible with 64-bit technology.

Although developers can continue to use 32-bit apps with their Mac, Apple’s treatment of older versions of applications and devices is highly controversial.

If the apps are not regularly updated, it may slow down the machine. As a result, iOS developers have to update the application in line with the latest app development trends.

Memory and Storage Limitations

One of the common challenges of iOS app development is that memory and storage constraints. With so many different Apple devices having different storage capacities, ensuring optimal performance across them becomes problematic. Many developers forget to test their apps on various Apple devices with different storage capacities.

The side effects of disregarding memory and storage constraints can be severe. Apps may crash, slow down, and experience performance issues. Users may leave negative reviews about the app’s performance, affecting its reputation and success.

Battery Life Consumption

Battery life consumption is one of app developers’ most significant iOS challenges. According to research conducted by Purdue University and Intel Corporation and startup company MobileEnerlytics, 46% of a phone’s battery drains when its screen is turned off, that is caused by apps that wake up the phone, and 29% is caused by apps running in the background.

This dramatically impacts user experience because nobody wants an app that drains their device’s battery in a short amount of time.

One of the most significant issues that app developers face is that mobile app owners often demand a lot of features that consume a lot of battery power. To satisfy app owners, developers often compromise on battery optimization, resulting in unhappy users.

Getting App Store Approval

Submitting your app on Google Play is much easier than going live in the App Store. Your app will compete with 2.2 million apps. But remember, these 2.2 million apps have already been approved by the App Store, which means they are still in a better position.

App Store rejects the app for many reasons, such as:

  • Lack of app meta-data
  • Missing functioning demo account
  • Bugs in the app
  • Features that are against Apple’s App Store guidelines
  • Incorrect background functionality
  • Privacy policy in the App Store listing
  • No specific reason for asking for personal information
  • No mechanism to filter objectionable content

Beta Testing

First, Apple’s strict approach to publishing beta tests for every version of an app can add complications to the app development process. Going through several beta versions necessitates precise and meticulous handling of bugs and compatibility problems.

Second, developers must be alert and ready for the next version update. With each new iOS version, you must ensure your app is fully compatible and running smoothly on the most recent operating system.

This constant maintenance and adaptation requires dedicated efforts to ensure a perfect user experience and to keep your app up to date.

High Expectations of UX/UI

One of the common challenges faced by iOS developers is of adhering to high standards of UX/UI. Users expect high-quality, clean design, and a smooth user experience from an iOS app. As developers develop iOS apps, they need to consider the iOS challenges, requirements, and preferences of the end user. The UI must be optimized with essential features to provide a user-friendly experience.

Developers must adopt modern designs for interactive and intuitive interfaces. Apple’s reputation for providing high-quality products burdens developers to deliver the same quality in their apps. If users don’t get what they expect from UX/UI, it will lead to dissatisfaction, affecting app adoption and performance.

Balancing aesthetics, functionality, and ease of use is essential for creating apps, whether it is iOS or Android. Finally, businesses desire apps that engage users and stand out in the crowded market.

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Apps in Sandboxed Environment

App sandboxing in iOS presents a considerable challenge to app developers, even though it is essential in safeguarding user data and privacy. Apple has proactively implemented this security technique since its inception, protecting devices from potential risks malicious applications pose.

Development teams can encounter app sandboxing issues in iOS development, which would necessitate access to specific device resources and confidential user data. In such a case, the development team would face challenges in configuring app entitlements to ensure functionality while preserving user privacy. They would have to comply with Apple’s stringent guidelines and limitations, allowing only the required entitlements without providing unnecessary access to user data.

Maintaining code quality

As you add more and more features and updates to your app, keeping your code clean and error-free may be difficult. However, you can’t leave your app “just as it is” – everything, from app compatibility to app security and performance, depends on your codebase. Coding standards are one of the most effective ways to maintain high-quality code.

By using coding standards, every developer will follow the same coding style. This will improve the consistency and readability of your app’s code. You should also check your code as soon as it’s written. Writing clean, well-structured code guarantees that any updates you make to your app will not cause more issues later.

This will also make it much simpler and faster for your developers to perform regular app maintenance and correct unexpected bugs.

Security Throughout Development Processes

App security vulnerabilities are a significant issue for applications in manufacturing, public services and healthcare, retail, retail education, and utilities. In fact, according to White Hat Security’s survey, about 50% of these apps are vulnerable to cyberattacks because of serious code bugs. These vulnerabilities expose applications to the threat of data theft and infection by malicious software.

Vulnerabilities can have serious consequences, such as compromising user data and eroding user trust. App developers must focus on strict code testing and security to reduce the risk of such vulnerabilities. They must conduct regular security assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities immediately. By proactively improving app security, app developers can protect user information and prevent cyber threats that can harm the application and its users.

App performance on low-speed networks

It can be problematic as specific features, such as video downloads or streaming services, consume a lot of data, leading to performance issues. On slow networks, users may experience delays and frustrations while using the app, affecting their overall experience.

Optimizing the application for a low-speed network is essential to maintain a smooth user experience and avoid data-heavy functions from causing app performance issues. Without addressing this issue, the app may not deliver satisfactory performance and may lead to user dissatisfaction and loss of customers.

How can iOS Developers of Finoit Deal with iPhone App Development Challenges?

As the iPhone app development landscape changes with each new release from Apple, Finoit’s iOS developers are well-prepared to handle the challenges that arise. Drawing on our hands-on knowledge and experience in launching App Store apps, we ensure your iOS project flourishes despite the obstacles.

We pride ourselves on creating robust, secure, custom iPhone apps that meet Apple’s design and development standards. With an in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge iOS innovations, we produce high-quality iOS apps that provide value to your customers and give you an advantage in the marketplace.

To successfully navigate the intricacies of the latest iOS updates and optimize app performance, while addressing security issues, connect with our development experts. Our team will assist you to overcome iOS challenges and help build outstanding iPhone apps that connect with users.

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