Which PHP Framework is best for your Project & Result-Oriented Web Development Solutions?

Best PHP Framework

Of the many server-side scripting languages, PHP stands out due to its scalability, open source nature, community support and numerous other reasons. No wonder, it has been chosen above other web programming languages by the big names of the online world to create dynamic websites with WordPress, Wikipedia, Twitter and even Facebook being among some of the live examples. At times, when you wish to develop a small website, or want to build a CMS that abides by the client’s specific requirements in all respects, using PHP is the best solution. However, when it comes to paying more attention to the speed, security, proper architecture, structured code and powerful functionality, it is high time that you switch over to a PHP framework for the concerned project.

What is a PHP Framework?

It is a power packed platform to develop medium to large sized websites. It leverages the Rapid Application (RAD) methodology to set the developers free from using repetitive code, leading to quicker and more structured web development process. For projects that demand contribution from multiple developers, the best solution is to use frameworks that leverage (Model View Controller) MVC pattern. Hence, while you decide to use one of the many PHP frameworks available online as per your choice and suitability, you can be rest assured to get a clean, well-structured and result-oriented PHP web application that is equally easy to maintain as its development.

Types of PHP Frameworks

There are a number of PHP frameworks that you can use for web development projects. Some of them are mentioned below (in alphabetical order):

  • Aura: The PHP based UI framework is used to develop dynamic web apps for desktop and mobile devices. It consists of independent packages with decoupled libraries and clean code. Developers can leverage its long-lasting and scalable app development lifecycle. Alongside, it also diminishes the gap between the client and server by supporting the development methodology involving partitioned multi-tier component.
  • CakePHP: This framework enables you to build prototypes at a quick pace by using scaffolding features and code generation features. The use of ORM and MVC tend the developers to write less code, thereby reducing the cost of web development appreciably. Overall, it makes up for an extensible architecture, which is ripe for web development, deployment and maintenance.
  • Code Igniter: Being a mix of traditional PHP and object-oriented programming, CodeIgniter is among the most versatile, simple and clean PHP frameworks to work with. It is a suitable choice for coders who prefer looking for simple solutions to build valuable full-featured web applications or who need to strictly abide by clients’ deadlines, but find it hard to cater to their tasks through cumbersome, roughly documented frameworks.
  • Laravel: Better known as the new CodeIgniter, Laravel is at present rated among the most sought after PHP frameworks due the power and elegance it accompanies. Still it is easy to learn and could be used with equal efficiency to build complex or simple websites from sizable enterprise applications to JSON APIs. You can make the most of add-ons and extensions it contains.
  • Phalcon: It is a full-stack web framework, which is implemented as a C extension. It endorses MVC architecture and provides multiple features such as Request object library, caching, pagination, templating engine, an ORM, etc., for developers to benefit from. The fact that it consumes comparably lower resources and performs much above par than other frameworks makes it a preferred choice of developers.
  • Symfony: A PHP web application framework that is flexible, speeds up the development and maintenance of web applications, is interoperable and consists of reusable components. Sites such as Drupal, Yahoo and Dailymotion, and Drupal – the open source CMS platform, are among the most prominent creations developed using Symfony components.  
  • Yii: The framework makes it presence be felt when it comes to developing apps with a larger scope, preferably Web 2.0 applications. Written in OOP, it is all stuffed with useful features such as MVC, caching, scaffolding, testing, authentication, and more. It is fast as it loads only the required features, provides standard security measures such as output filter, SQL injection, etc., and  lets you develop reusable code.
  • Zend: It is an object-oriented framework written in PHP5. It helps developers to come up with worthwhile solutions for mobile app development, framework based application development, and legacy application modernization. It provides all the requisite tools, development practices and workflows desired to develop quality API-centric applications.

With these and many more PHP frameworks making web development an easier affair, the domain of web app development is quite secure as far its future is concerned. Moreover, in the coming days, we many more of such frameworks can be expected to enter the fray. Alongside, already existing also keep on introducing fresh versions now and then just to prove their capability amid the sea of technologically sound and upscale frameworks. In the end, it is the much coveted result-oriented web development solutions that you get.

To summarize, PHP frameworks are a smart option to use ahead of core PHP development, especially if you wish to develop a huge enterprise web application or customize each of the sections of a site as per the client’s requirements. As compared to other frameworks, they surely have an upper edge owing to the ease, simplicity, reusability and organized and structured code, etc. they offer. While you decide to opt one such framework for your web development endeavor, there are many, with CakePHP, Zend, Laravel, Yii, and CodeIgniter to name a few.

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