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 A leading offshore development company in the US with an offshore center in India that you can trust. Over 10 years of history as a bankable offshore software development partner for startup and enterprises.
At Finoit, we understand the challenges of offshore development and outsourcing, and have devices our process to deliver impeccable results. Something that sets us apart as a bankable offshore development company.
Our customer’s challenges are trust, time to market, scale, and security- we know that as an offshore software development firm and our SOPs ensure that your peace of mind is maitained.

What Differentiates Our Offshore Software Development Services?

If you are looking for offshore custom software development with best practices and proven results from a trustworthy offshore software development company, you are at the right place and can count on us. Our offshore development capabilities are:

  • Technology Expertise to Drive Scale and Security
  • Certified Development Team
  • Trustworthy and Ethical Practices
  • Flexible and Affordable Business Engagement Models
  • Complete Control Over Multi-disciplinary Resources Team
  • Transparent Project Management and Tool Access
  • Cost-effective
Hire Us – Outsource Or Partner
Hire us – Outsource or Partner

Hunting for the most reliable offshore development company? You are at the right place. Let us be your outsourcing partner for all your software development needs.

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Our Capabilities as an Offshore Software Development Company

Depending on specific project requirements and preferred engagement model, our technological expertise subsumes the following skill set:

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How our offshore outsourcing development engagement works

Why hire us as your offshore software development partner

Offshoring software development processes with Finoit imply relocating and transiting your development processes to a different country. However, with us, you won’t even feel the transition. Our services include outsourcing supporting, operational and development processes. Finoit specializes in offshore software development, IT operation management, and support services. Our offshore services are tailored with care and they are flawless. This means that,through our knowledge and expertise, we were able to create a service that makes sure that there are no pitfalls that can usually happen when outsourcing offshore. In order to have a successful partnership with Finoit, we have created a strategy that allows us to avoid any pitfalls. Here are some steps we take to make sure that our relationship is productive and beneficial on both sides:
  • We conduct a thorough evaluation of your software needs, business processes and do multiple rounds of discussions with your internal process stakeholders.
  • Become an extended arm of your local team.
  • We always try to adapt to you our client’s company’s culture.
  • Our employees are paid adequately so that they can do their jobs on an appropriate level.
  • We follow the business processes our clients provide us with.
  • We ask for your expectations to be listed thoroughly so that we can deliver the results you want.
  • We work closely with our clients during the initiation phase.

Offshore IT and software outsourcing

The offshore IT and software service outsourcing that we provide are our standard business practice and we have developed methods and protocols that are standardized. It doesn’t matter that, if you simply want to reduce cost for IT processes, or you don’t have enough IT resources at your disposal, we have what it takes to take care of your IT needs. Apart from the opportunity to save money on cost, we have a talented pool with a lot of software engineers, administrators, support engineers, and quality assurance staff, and all of them will ensure that your efficiency and growth related needs are properly supported by extending your current teams.

Improved business process quality

Despite the fact that you will be outsourcing your business processes offshore, while saving money on them, we have a lot of experience in doing this work and there is a great chance that we will be able to do the job better than you would in-house. Our specialized teams have been working in these fields for a long time and they consist of professionals that specialize in this business area. You might not have the time nor the knowledge to deal with these issues, but this is the primary area our teams specialize in and they will be able to handle larger amount of business processes than your teams would, while at the same time saving you money. We offer the chance to lessen the burden on your team and focus on what is more important for your business, while having a reliable partner that is always ready to scale and adapt to new circumstances that emerge in your business.

Crafting Success Stories with Offshore Development Since 2010

A proven offshore software development company solving business challenges for top startups and mid-sized businesses with our
expert offshore development services

Auto Accessories Manufacturer Shakes up the Industry with Revolutionary New Business Model

Digital transformation Story of a manufacturer who hired as their offshore software company to leveraged technology and build new products.

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B2B SaaS Company’s Explosive Growth with Forward-thinking Technology Strategies

From MVP to Scaleup, 8+ years of journey as their trusted offshore software development partner.

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A Startup’s Triumphant Journey: From PoC to preferred Airline Union Management App

Engaged us during MVP days as their offshore software development company to build a Pilot Unions Management enterprise app that’s now trusted by top airlines like British airlines, Finnish airlines etc.

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From bootstrapping to Winning Customer Hearts- A B2B SaaS that’s making waves!

A field service software that hired us as their outsourced software firm and is now a scaled-up product.

Trusted by 200+ Businesses as their Offshore Software Outsourcing Partner

Unlocking value with scalable and secure product development for our customers as
their go-to, dependable offshore software development firm

Offshore Development Partner for SMBs and Startup

A preferred offshore software development commpany for startups, SMBs and enterprises for their
offshore software development services needs.

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Reduce Time

Reduce Time to Market-Build
Fast, Ship Faster with expert offshore development services

Transparent & Dependable

Transparent, Dependable
and Certified Offshore Software Development Team

Reduce Development Costs

Reduce Offshore Development Costs without
Compromising Quality

Build On-demand

Build On-demand, Experienced &
Proven Software Team

A Certified and
Accredited Team

Leaders across industries recognize us as a premier offshore software development company for our commitment to quality, professionalism, and strong values.

Being a standard AWS consulting partner, Finoit’s list of services includes world-class technology solutions to global clients.

As a Microsoft Silver partner software firm, we deliver high-end offshore software design and development services using various Microsoft technologies

Finoit has been featured as one of the top custom offshore software development companies on Clutch, an independent B2B research agency.

Finoit Technologies received ISO 9001 certification for demonstrating the ability to provide offshore software products and services in accordance with ISO certified standards.

Finoit technologies received the ISO 27001 certification in information security management for the secure and best offshore software development practices we follow.

As one of the fast-growing Nasscom accredited company, we adhere to the high-quality, industry best practices for software application development across various domains.

Green Earth

Partnering with us not only means great success for your offshore software development initiative but also contributing to a greater sustainability effort.

We plant and nurture a tree for every $1000 we make.

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Risk-free, Trusted Offshore Software Development Partner

  • Experienced and Proven

    A proven that that you can rely to build great products in offshore software development engagement.

  • Transparent and Dependable

    Visbility in daily activities and processes that startups, SMBs and enterprises for their offshore development services.

  • In-budget, On-time

    An offshore development company you can count on to deliver within budget and on time.


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Are you a full-service offshore software development company?

Yes. We are a full-service offshore software development company offering tailored offshore development services. We have been serving as a dedicated offshore partner for companies from the US (United States), North America, the UK, Europe, and Australia. We provide end-to-end software development assistance, including software maintenance, and migration to support. Our integrated and extended offshore team lowers development costs and builds high-quality software products. By partnering with us you can reliably develop custom-built software applications for mobile, web, and desktop platforms.

Why choose Finoit’s offshore software development services over other vendors?

Very reasonable questions considering the crowded offshore software development services market! Some of the biggest reasons could be-

  • Add your content…We are founders ourselves and know the challenges of building software both as SaaS and internal business processes.
  • Trust and dependability in a software development team are critical and that’s what we focus on.
  • A partner mindset and not a software agency/vendor mindset is what differentiates us further from the competition.
  • Certified software development team, proven credentials, and our reference work and testimonials validate further our capabilities.

Lastly, while optimizing cost is critical, our focus is not on providing low-cost dirt-cheap software development services by compromising on quality like many other development companies. Instead, our goal is to optimize cost while maintaining the highest level of code and software product’s performance quality.

How does an offshore development company like Finoit ensure the quality of software developed?

As an offshore software development company committed to ensuring highest levels of quality, we follow the accepted ISO standards for software engineering and the Software Quality Requirements and Evaluation guidelines (SQuaRE). We construct an iterative pipeline using agile approaches in which the application is repeatedly tested against the acceptance criteria, so as to evaluate quality at each phase of the software development. To test every dimension of the software program, we use a combination of manual, automated, and semi-automated software testing procedures.

What types of offshore software outsourcing projects can be undertaken by Finoit?

We provide three types of offshore software outsourcing projects. These are:

  • Delivery team: We deploy a dedicated offshore software development team that develops and maintains applications as per your business’s requirements.
  • Staff augmentation: Our offshore software development experts work as an extension of your internal team, enabling you in achieving your milestones with the planned software product.
  • Project-basis: You can choose to hire our offshore software development team/individual developers for a certain project.

Each of these outsourcing approaches follows different engagement models that decide pricing and timeline for completing the project.

How do I manage communication and coordination with Finoit’s offshore development team?

Our offshore software development team is available for clients’ assistance 24 x 7. We have built a communication and collaboration framework for our clients using a set of diverse tools, mechanisms, and protocols. Once we start working on your project, we assign a dedicated support team that remains in touch with you throughout the software development journey. So, besides periodical discussions on ongoing project development, our clients can connect with our offshore development team members, as and when required, without any hassles.

How do I handle time zone differences with Finoit’s offshore development team?

We enable you to capitalize on the time zone differences. If you are a company based in the US, Europe, or Australia, you can have a discussion with the offshore development team and set expectations for the next day, and our team will have those tasks completed till you arrive to track the project’s progress the next day. This way of using time zone differences helps in keeping the project on track and helps in reaching the milestones on set dates, which ultimately completes the project on time.