Behind-the-Scenes Struggles of Companies That Develop Mobile Apps (And how we overcome those!)


No company would tell you what they are struggling with.

How many times it has happened that you have booked a hotel and the salesperson tells you that you might face some inconveniences as they are struggling with staff shortage? None.

Although, not denying that you may be having some rare stories to tell that you cherish for the lifetime.

Struggle stories are treated as trade secrets by mobile development companies. It should never be disclosed (for different reasons of course), not until they are completely over with it.

You might hear some fractions of those struggles in the success stories of the CEO, mainly how efficiently they overcame crucial mobile app development challenges. But that too, not often.

We have created this list of challenges faced during the mobile app development process to give you an inside view of the struggles of a mobile app development company.

Besides, it will also help you prepare to encounter uncertain situations that you might think trifle but can create a huge impact on your mobile application development project.

Challenges Faced by Mobile App Development Companies, and How We Overcame Those

Here’s the list of the common issues that mobile development companies struggle with and our strategic approach to handling those problems.

    1. Talent Scarcity is Real

In the latest PWC’s survey, 72% of CEO has confirmed that they are worried about the availability of people with key skills.

The recent surge in the demand for the integration of emerging technologies in mobile apps makes it more difficult for the mobile app development companies to find people with the right skills.

According to the report, the situation is going to worsen in the coming decades.

How do we handle talent scarcity?

Hiring and Training: As we pace up with the technology, it is essential for a mobile application development firm to bring in new talent with the right skill set. Besides, we conduct rigorous training sessions to keep them updated with the latest technology and development skills.

Manage Employee Mobility: This we handle in two ways. First, we have employees who are “ready to go” in order to send the right talent in the right place. Second, we have made our business “mobile-ready” that helps us to break the barriers of geographies and connect with the right talent to gain the desired momentum in the mobile app development process.

    1. Too Many Players…Fresh Ideas, New Opinions, Innovation…Blah, Blah

Many times, mobile app development service providers fail to maintain the hierarchy, claiming to be inspired by Startup culture.

Inviting too many members from the in-house team as well as client-side could lead to the wastage of time and resources.

The idea seems too traditional at this point, but for a mobile application development company, this brings a lot of challenges if they do not control the situation in a little bit undemocratic way.

How we bring in only the key players?

Keeping it Small: We keep the decision-making team small while ensuring that the team members who have attended the meeting can share their key takeaways with others.

Organizing weekly sessions: We keep the ideas and innovation flowing, we organize weekly sessions where each member of the team participates and can voice their opinions freely.

    1. Documenting Plans

The challenge is not limited to a mobile app development company but extends to any company of any sector.

Often business owners describe their mobile app ideas to developers using rough documentation. In the end, they find that the mobile app is not exactly what they require.

Within the mobile app development team, app developers do not like to document their mobile app development plans because they find it repetitive and boring, something which they can easily do in their minds.

How do we maintain a documentation process?

Encouraging documentation among clients: We always encourage clients to document their ideas and share it with our developers. Besides, we also insist on creating a requirement document so that they can see the outcome of the development process at each stage.

Ensuring technical document for internal use: We encourage software documentation including a complex manual of the product, business logic, technologies and description of modules to be used, testing process, timeframes, and budget.

    1. Building a Dedicated Mobile App Development Team

Building a technology team is not simple, even though you have all the right members in the team. Technically, every project is unique and so is the developer. Every developer has a set of unique capabilities and to include the member in the team, it is essential that the capabilities of the developer and project requirements match precisely.

Not including a member in particular project has some internal repercussions too on the morale of the app developers, especially if the member is new in the company or mobile application development industry.

How do we build a technology team?

Creating a team structure for every project: We have a pool of talented developers. When a project arrives, we conduct a screening of every member and filter out the developers according to the skills required for the project.

The entire project is supported by the Project Manager, who remains the same throughout the development lifecycle.

Flexibility to Ramp the Team Up and Down: Since we have strong development with a host of members, we are capable to reduce and increase the size of the team based on the project requirement.

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Key Takeaways

  • Create a right blend of in-house, mobile, and remote team to avoid pressure during critical situations.
  • Fix the decision-makers at the beginning and create weekly meetings with other members to discuss opinions and ideas
  • Document every move during the mobile application development project to analyze how it’s done vs. how it should have been done.
  • Create a large pool of talented developers but don’t let every member of the team work on the same project.
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