4 Latest Trends in Mobile App Design

Trends in Mobile App Design

Mobile technology is evolving very rapidly. The market is flooded with smartphones and similar devices, which has caused the prices to drop down significantly. Maybe this is one of the reasons why smartphones are currently winning the “war” against desktop users. The fact is that, in the past year, 2 out of 3 people accessed the internet from their mobile device.

As the market grows, mobile app designers are looking for new ways to improve user experience. In some cases, they even bring micro-revolutions to this field. Here are the four latest trends in mobile app design.

User Experience is in More Focus

Designers have figured out the importance of UX. This is why UX is emphasized this year in many mobile app companies. In the end, the application with the best UX optimization will be distinguished from other apps on the market and will end up having a lot more active users per day than other similar apps.

As time passes, user interfaces become simpler. App development companies are pushing apps with fewer features, trying to regularly update them. In-app advertising became a huge thing as well.

Multi-app Split Screen

Split-screen workflow allows you to do your work much faster, by allowing you to have 2 apps running on your screen. This feature already existed for iPad Pro, but this year, it arrived for Android users, as part of new Android OS.

Moving Animation

A moving animation is a great way to highlight certain parts of your app. For instance, special discounts, featuring products, news, etc. Incorporating movement into a mobile design became a huge thing. The ecommerce industry was especially happy with this trend.

Having the products inspected from all angles on the screen of their device can convince a customer to click the “Buy” button. By implementing movement in your mobile app, you will be improving your UX and you’ll have the means to express anything through the app more easily.

Beacon Apps

Beacon and Location-based Wi-Fi services have become viral during the last year. GPS has allowed developers to design the apps that have several million active users. What remains to be explored is in what other ways these beacon and Wi-Fi services can be utilized. Beacon apps are used to deliver content to a user, based on analytics and indoor navigation. And, this trend is what will be shaping the future of many industries.

User Interface and Gestures

Gestures consist of touch mechanics (what you do on the screen) and touch activities (what happens after). The up-to-date technology supports various gestures through apps. If your app still has that annoying SHAKE ME gesture, this means that the designers didn’t discover other cool gestures yet (double touch, force touch, double-touch drag, swipe or fling).

As you can see, this year has brought some really new and neat apps to our smartphones. What remains is to wait and see what mobile app designers have prepared for us in the future.

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