How Mobile App Accelerates Digital Transformation Success

By Asit Bhagat

Digital transformation is like a new “American Dream” to the businesses. The “upward mobility” that the ‘dream’ promises to a business regardless of “fortuitous circumstances of” how it has been started is what makes it attractive to the business leaders.

James Truslow Adams, the one who coined the term, has also described ways to achieve this dream in his book “Epic of America”. In the book, he has explained that Amercian Dream can be achieved through “sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work”. If we apply the same factors on Digital Transformation Dream, it too is achievable. For say,

  • Sacrifice the old practices, adopt new business model
  • Take more risk, invest in digital technologies
  • Work hard to adapt to the change

There are many success factors that make this dream come true for businesses. Business leaders need to build their dreams on these success factors while taking a very nuanced approach to link every element of business, which can be touched by digitization and digital innovation.

The 5 Factors to Digital Transformation Success

The 5 Factors to Digital Transformation Success

A digital transformation strategy built on these factors could help companies achieve their business goals, which could be anything from faster speed to market to increased revenue growth and enhanced competitive positioning to increased employee productivity. A well-built mobile app can help accelerate digital transformation success factors.

The Role of Mobile App in Digital Transformation Success

A mobile app is the top tenet of digitalization and thus plays a crucial role in the digital transformation success. Today, apps dominate the total mobile minutes spent online. From general browsing to reading emails, everything is being done through mobile. It provides a wide scope to the businesses to make use of the technology to bring together every element of their business on a single platform.

Mobile App

Connecting all these elements on a common platform at one go is a daunting task. You need a digital transformation consulting company that could navigate you through the uncertainties and provide you a view of processes as a sequence of phases-creation of business model, development, and deployment. A collaboration between your business and IT leaders is essential while creating the new business model to cover all the pain-points.

Apps Built on Top Mobile Technologies

When all these elements are brought together on a common platform, businesses have the opportunity to use emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, and Analytics to deliver the unprecedented user experience.

On the frontend, these technologies can increase user engagement and, on the backend, they can collect relevant data for the enterprises. Here, the strategy is important. Even if you pull employees and customers on one platform through your app, you have to engage them to achieve your business goals.

Secondly, when you collect the data, you need to further equip yourselves with the digital tools and technologies to protect, analyze, and utilize the data.

If you will not be able to get the employees and customers do on the platform what you have expected, chances are you may not be able to generate the desired data. Therefore you must plan the engagement well in a manner to collect different types of data at a different level to achieve the following:

Real-time data of employee activity, consumer activity, competitor activity and supply chain.

With the data gained from the mobile app, you can anticipate customer-behavior across all stages of the customer lifecycle. Followed by the insight, you can identify when the customer is at risk and take measures at the right time to help them. Then there would be data related to your internal operations including critical supply chain processes that could help you find the leaks. With the insight, you can take actions to plug the leaks and further improve the processes to enhance productivity.

Why Mobile App?

According to Statista, there are 2.71 billion smartphone users worldwide. It is one of the most convenient and accessible mediums to connect with people. A mobile app is the easiest route to reach over a large population and engage them in a similar fashion.

Besides, you have the option to enhance the capability of your mobile app at any point of time, provided you have initially worked with the right mobile app development company with experience in building robust, secure, and scalable apps.

In this context, you can set a timeline of your goals as in how you want to see your business processes aligned with digital innovation in the near future. It could be as this:

1-2 Years 2-5 Years 5 Years and Beyond
Electronic paper 3D location-interaction with 3D data Human robot interface
Interactive visualization Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Ensemble interactions
Voice and speech analytics Biometric Authentication Volumetric displays
Process standardization and compliance Develop new solutions Become risk-proof

You may set the agenda based on your business objectives and accordingly build the app to enhance user capability. Simultaneously, you can select a technology such as AI and Machine Learning and keep using the advanced version year on year to achieve your new business goals.

A digital transformation journey has no endpoints. And to move forward every time, you have to ensure that you choose scalability and modernization in every aspect of the business. A mobile app that is widely accessible lets you do so. But for doing all these and more, make sure your core team is able to visualize the future processes with all modern tools/apps either by themselves or in collaboration with a proven software development company with relevant experience in similar digital transformation journeys.

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