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in India and the USA and with awesome team of Android app developers; We solve business problems and help Startups & Enterprises disrupt with Android technologies.
Android phones are an accomplished consumer/enterprise tool across the globe, where every aspiring/established business is looking to build apps for their users/employees.
We deliver quality Android apps to startups, SMBs as well as established enterprises. With perspicuous understanding of the ingrained technical jargons and backed by a team of skilled Android developers who could play with Android OS to the core, Finoit attempts to assist companies to build business and utilitarian apps.

Android Development Technologies

Android development technologies we work in:
Programming Languages Kotlin, Java, XML
Technologies Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit
IDE Android Studio, Eclipse
OS Android 4.1 – 8.1 Support
Design Material Design
Database engine SQLite
Testing/Debugging x86 simulator and actual devices

Finoit’s Android app development service expertise includes

We design, develop and deliver innovative applications and games for Android devices, endorsed effectively with state-of-the-art UI and feature-rich functionality. Our services in this vibrant technology domain subsume a multitude of verticals.
  • Custom API Integration
  • MDM Integration (Mobile device management)
  • mBaaS Integration (Mobile Back-end as a Service)
  • Beacon Integration
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • BLE Device Integration
  • Location/GPS Services Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Stripe, PayPal,
  • 3rd Party Application Integration, Such As Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Google Apps etc.
  • Porting and Migration from Other Platforms
  • XMPP Chat Server Integration
  • Audio/Video Live Streaming
  • Android Watch Integration
  • Android Widget Integration
  • Building apps for Android TV
  • QA Testing on real Android devices


Enriched Clientele
Here is some of our reference work in Android app development domain. Use arrow icon to slide through and tabs to view industry wise projects.

Why Hire Our Android App Development Services?

  • User-friendly App Development: We develop interactive, feature-rich and user-friendly apps that could appeal the potential customers instantly.
  • Affordable: We care to pass on the benefit of license free android platform to our clients in the form of cost-effective android app development services.
  • Dedicated Resources: Capable of providing accomplished resources including dedicated team of android developers and requisite infrastructure at your end
  • Efficient: We assure higher security, performance stability and accessibility during android app development.
  • Experience in Working with Latest Tools: Our developers utilize advanced android development tools such as software libraries, debugger etc., and customize them as per your specific requirements.
  • Services for Multiple Android Devices: We develop apps to run perfectly on all your android devices, which further leads to augmented customer base and increased sales for your business.
  • Apt Testing and Performance Optimization: We assure proper functioning of app by using various test procedures and alongside, also care to optimize the performance of the android app via memory profiling.
  • Persistent Client Interaction: We keep in touch with our clients via Skype, email, live chat support and call, throughout the task accomplishment and care to incorporate their valuable inputs in the application, accordingly.
  • Assured Confidentiality: We protect our client’s intellectual property through established Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Hire Our Android Application Development Team

Build your dream application with the capable assistance of our experienced team.

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Android App Development Processes
At Finoit, our objective is to deliver seamless custom Android apps to our clients. Our Expert team of highly experienced Android developers make sure that every custom product we develop meets the clients’ business requirements to the best of its capability. For delivering world-class custom mobile solutions, our ace developers follow latest Android apps development technologies. Before starting up with the Android apps development cycle, our developers conducts a knowledge transfer session with the respective clients for understanding their requirements and expectations from the app. Moreover, we believe in active participation of our clients during the Android apps development cycle. That why we appoint a dedicated delivery manager to each of our clients that keep them posted on every possible progress on their project & for getting their valuable feedbacks that can help in improving the final product. Once we’re done with the custom Android apps development process, a series of some of the vigorous quality assurance methodologies is applied to each one of the app. At Finoit Technologies, we’re not just restricted to custom Android apps development services but also believe in delivering flawless enterprise mobile solutions that can contribute to our client’s business growth. For more information related to Custom Android apps, design and development services fill the requirement form given below.

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Reliable Android App Development Services by Finoit

432 million smartphones have been sold in the last quarter of 2016, and 352 million of them ran Android. This makes Android the absolute king of the market, with an 81.7% market share. Android phones are an accomplished consumer and enterprise tool across the globe. Now, there are many businesses that are looking to build apps for their employees or customers. Here, at Finoit, we leverage the capabilities of the latest Android tools in order to develop custom-tailored Android apps. Our primary goal is to deliver high quality Android apps to businesses of all models and sizes. The team that stands behind our Android App Development services consists of experienced experts who are able to build utilitarian and business apps from scratch.

Android App Development Processes

The knowledge of how to develop an Android app is not in deficit at Finoit. This is why our primary objective is to establish good communication with our clientele. Experience has taught us that, by doing so, we can achieve great things. Since the beginning of the Android App Development process, we bring our clients on board. Before we start with the user interface design and coding, we want to know what are our client’s requirements and expectations. In order to provide the best possible product, we keep our clients in the loop during the entire process. Valuable feedback from our clients has always resulted in creating better android apps. Since the quality of the end product is our primary concern, we implement numerous quality assurance methodologies. This practice enables us to deliver enterprise mobile solutions that can be a valuable asset to the business growth of our clients.

How Business Can Benefit from Having Mobile App

The benefits of having a business mobile app depend on the app’s purpose. They can be the following: Stronger brand. Mobile apps increase awareness of your brand and establish communication with customers, thus fostering trust. Mobile apps are a practical way to show the customers what your business stands for. Better connection with customers. Mobile apps are another way to provide an awesome experience for your customers. This is why, at Finoit, we designate a significant amount of time to develop a user interface for an android mobile app with the latest UX standards. Provide more value for your customers. By providing a mobile app to your customers, employees, or interested prospects, you will increase their interaction with your business. This is another level of providing value for them. Furthermore, you can increase this interaction by using a mobile app to create a loyalty program.

What Our Android App Development Services Offer

  • A fully dedicated team of experienced android developers that is fully capable to develop top-notch android apps – both functional and great looking.
  • Our goal is to provide a cost-effective android app development service. At Finoit, you can get your custom-tailored android app developed at affordable prices.
  • By using the latest development tools, our team of developers creates apps that work perfectly on the Android devices of your choosing.
  • By providing clients with our services, we also care about their confidentiality. Any client’s intellectual property is protected through a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
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