Magicians – What Can Entrepreneurs Learn From Them

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I’ve found people who make things appear and disappear in a matter of seconds fascinating since I was a child. Making the impossible possible resonated with me, helping me figure out that that’s exactly what entrepreneurs do.

This inspired me to take a close look at magicians and search for other things that are potentially worth learning about, especially for entrepreneurs and those alike. I’ve made a list of things entrepreneurs can learn from magicians, so let’s dive right into it.

Crazy Ideas are Worth Pursuing

Have you ever thought about how most things magicians do on stage are some of the craziest and seemingly impossible things one can do? For us, the Muggles, all of the tricks appear impossible. Everything we’ve learned about the laws of physics and the Universe up until that moment goes out the window.

This is exactly why magiciants succeed and bring that “wow” moment to our lives. They pursue even the craziest and seemingly impossible ideas. In order to succeed, they spend countless of hours designing their tricks, practicing them and finding the best possible angle to provide the greatest amusement to the crowds.

That’s exactly what successful entrepreneurs should be able to do on the great stage of the business world to make a name for themselves. No matter how crazy the idea may sound, an entrepreneur should be completely devoted to shaping it into reality. In other words, persistence and belief in oneself are the two things every entrepreneur should strive towards.

Innovation is More Than Welcome

A chip trick bought at a local magic shop can become a miracle if a magician puts his personal, innovative touch on it. Thanks to the popular TV shows, such as X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, we had a chance to see some of the most breathtaking magician performances.

Nothing new in particular, but still breathtaking. Why? Because they’ve taken a cheap magic trick and made it awesome by adding an innovative and personal touch to it.

As a matter of fact, magicians do it all the time. Once they become masters of one trick they always look for an opportunity to upgrade it and make it more amazing for the audience.

Entrepreneurs have to embrace this mindset too if they want to succeed in a competitive scene of their own. Innovation should not only reflect the services or products they offer, but also their approach to problem-solving.

Don’t Jump To Conclusions

Magicians’ tricks can be deceiving, but it’s only because our senses and our mind are so easily deceived. Even if we try our best to stay focused and look through the deceiver’s veil, we can’t tell what’s coming and how it is done. And once we decide what to expect, we always end up getting surprised.

Entrepreneurs can’t afford this. Every idea and plan, no matter how good and logical they appear to be, have to be examined in great detail. The only way you can see through a great trick is if you have the scene covered with cameras from all the angles. That’s exactly the skill entrepreneurs have to develop if they want to minimize the chances of failure.

Change Your Perspective

To amaze their crowds, magicians often change perspective to learn how to fit the needs and requirements of their audience. A bit of research before the show goes a long way. Knowing the audience is vital for success.

Magicians also tend to visit other magic shows to see what the competition is doing. “The Prestige” with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman is the movie that always comes to my mind when I talk about this.

While entrepreneurs should also learn how to walk a mile or two in their target audience’s shoes, they should also study markets and the competition. This is vital for the success of anyone who decides to set sails in these waters.

It’s All About the Presentation

A great presentation is what turns a mere trick into true magic. Magicians use costumes, lighting, sound effects and facial expressions to enhance their performance. They hit the stage only when their presentation is fine-tuned to perfection.

Entrepreneurs should always strive to become better at presenting their ideas while being in complete control of the crowd. As magicians, they should be able to deliver their idea both to stakeholders and target customers, while at the same time be ready for the questions and stares that would make anyone uncomfortable.

Learn to Face Challenges Head-on

To keep progressing, magicians always challenge themselves with more complex tricks that are significantly harder to pull off than the ones before them. This is the only way to diversify their repertoire and keep the audience interested in visiting their shows.

Entrepreneurs should always find new challenges for themselves, if they want to make a name for themselves in the volatile and high-speed markets. A great example is Steve Jobs. In his day, he was perhaps one of the great magicians in the world of technology.

His ideas on what should be the aim of innovation and how to face challenges head-on are still shaping the decisions at Apple, at least when it comes to the user experience.

The Crowd is What Matters

Magicians know that the only true measure of their performance is how loud the crowd’s cheers are. They are constantly looking for new ways to amaze the crowd, and they pursue them even if they might seem impossible.

Entrepreneurs should not be focused only on products and services, but be mindful of customers’ reactions as well. Keeping tabs on feedback coming from a wide audience can provide valuable and actionable insights to entrepreneurs.

Drawing a parallel between magicians and entrepreneurs is not a hard thing to do, as these two share a lot of things in common. If you want to step up your entrepreneurship game a notch, make sure to learn from the magicians, as their cards always hide more secrets than the eye can tell.

Wish you happy and successful entrepreneurship 🙂

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