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There has been a lot of buzz about Chatbots and how they are going to revolutionalize many business processes. People have been suggesting that they are the next big thing and will replace mobile apps in very near future. To understand the fuss and to know are they really the big deal, we requested views of some of the experts in this domain. Followed is what they think-

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Henrik Joreteg

Site : https://joreteg.com/
Twitter : @HenrikJoreteg

In short: No.

I think chatbots will replace a few things, but there’s a level of efficiency enabled by a screen that shows you exactly the options you’re most likely to want. From my experience the idea of a generic chat system that can do everything is more appealing in concept that in practice. I’d rather do 3 taps than write, type out, or speak, three chat messages any day.

That said, most “app” experiences are terrible. As I’ve said here: https://twitter.com/HenrikJoreteg/status/782032675938852866 the UX of the app store process is a huge deterrent.

I believe Progressive Web Apps will rise up to become the dominant player. A well designed PWA can be:
  • Instant loading
  • Optionally saved to your homescreen for easy access
  • Discoverable
  • Can quickly show a customized UI for the task at hand

You’ll never get these from a chatbot, in my opinion.

I do think some things are well served by conversational interfaces, personal assistant-type things that know about everything in your life, is one of the few, if not only examples. But for them to become truly useful they have to be *so much better than they are*. People rave about Amazon Echo and the like. I have one, and find it nearly useless for anything other than playing music; even then, it misunderstands me frequently. So what do I do then?! I open the Alexa app on my phone.

Apps aren’t going anywhere and going forward, PWAs are the most capable option.

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Gabriel Kwakyi

Site : http://incipia.co/
Twitter : @gabetimes
I certainly believe that chat bots will be a big opportunity given the fact that the top messaging apps have become more popular than the top social media apps, and businesses want to be where users are. With this growth in messaging, businesses are exploring how they want to engage with users on this new platform, trying out new ways to service customers and make money, which includes chat bots. The growth in artificial or smarter intelligence also lends chat bots an advantage they have not seen before. Where chat bots have an opportunity to shift investment from apps is in transaction-type value exchanges, such as facilitating an exchange between the chat members (e.g. transferring money), getting an answer to a question directly asked in a message (e.g. what is the weather today) or by offering helpful transactions (e.g. offering to reserve a table at a restaurant for messaging members discussing dinner plans); but I don’t think that chat apps will replace apps for more complex needs, given the very nature of messaging, which is built to be lightweight and quick. People still use computers even though many proclaimed mobile to be the post-PC era, because computers offer a better user experience than a mobile device for many activities, such as typing emails or doing graphic design. Similarly, the growth of chat apps will not cause the death of mobile apps, because apps offer a better user experience than a messaging bot could, for things such as browsing through people in social media or managing a fitness routine.

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Site : http://www.bouncingfish.com/
Twitter : @jasonkneen

No I don’t think they will. chatbots are apps but not like apps we normally use — a chatbot isn’t going to replace a twitter app, or a search app, or a mapping app, or a photo sharing app. chatbots are just different types of apps used for different purposes. For example, customer services or customer support etc.

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Robin Jewsbury

Site : http://makebots.co/
Twitter : @robinjewsbury

Bots will become much more significant simply because there is no download or install.  The Bot is just one of your contacts and less obtrusive than an occupier of your home screen.

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Raven Zachary

Site : http://objecttheory.com/

Twitter : @ravenme

Chatbots, as we know them today, will not replace apps.These terms and their meanings will change over time, but as it stands, they are solving different problems.

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Gabriel Machuret

Site : http://asoagency.com/

Twitter : @gabrielmachuret

I don’t think so. First AI is not there yet and if Facebook or even the App Store haven’t figure out SEARCH yet, imagine the idea of figuring out something as complex and live human interaction. Humans are way to complex and impatient to allow bots to evolve to a point that they will become in fact smart. Think of SIRI. Siri is kind of cute and fun to use, but are you going to use SIRI in important every day decisions… the answer is no.  The same will happen with chatbots.

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Ken Banks

Site : http://www.kiwanja.net/

Twitter : @kiwanja

Chatbots are already taking over to an extent – at least in cases where automation of messaging is a quick win – and if done right many people won’t even notice. That said, I’m not sure if they’ll totally replace apps, given in many cases they still need a messaging app as their channel (WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, and so on). So, while chatbots will increasingly drive the automation of messaging and responses, they still need to ‘go to where the people are’, and those will be traditional apps (or websites) for the meantime.

Interesting insight isn’t it. Some of them have really talked about future possibilities and have shown what to expect.

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