5 Effective Ways to Brainstorm the Right Keywords for Your App


Since there are many new apps getting published each and every day, the science of choosing keywords is becoming more and more complex. The competition for keywords is getting quite fierce, as a lot of publishers choose similar keywords that, in the end, don’t do much good for all the apps that carry them. This is why you must know how to pick your keywords in order to get the best ranking possible and stay higher as long as you can.

Additionally, the importance of adding multiple keywords for apps is also getting stronger. This is why I will try to explain how you can come up with an effective keyword for your app and how to make the most of it.

1. Put yourself in consumer’s shoes

Before you get to the part where you optimize your keywords, you will need to have a list from which you can draw the keywords. This is where understanding your users is highly important, no matter if you are publishing an exercise app or a game. If you’re getting started from zero, there are some things you must consider when choosing keywords.

If you’re app is a game, take its mechanics into account and put down on paper all the related key phrases and keywords including objects, enemies, challenges, actions, resources etc. If it’s not a game consider the functionalities, problems your app solves, who can use it and where.

You can also include keywords that are associated with the design of your app. After you’ve listed these words, make sure that you examine all of the keywords using a research tool.

Think what a consumer is likely to type if he wants to find an app like yours.

2. Google keyword planner

The Google Keyword planner was designed for marketers that use Google AdWords but it has some great uses for finding the right keywords for your app. What is best about this tool is that it’s completely free. Simply put in the keywords from your list and shortly describe your app as you would in any store.

You will get results of searches on certain keywords and get suggestions of keyphrases you could use for your keywords. Try out all of your keywords and see which ones work best. I you get any new ones that offer good results include them into your list and highlight those best performing ones.

3. Check out your competition

Given the fact that there are almost 1.4 million apps in the App Store, there are probably a lot that are competing with you for the targeted users you’ve chosen for your app. The best and easiest way is to find a spy tool that can do this automatically. There are many spy tools you can find online and the only thing you need is to type a desired key phrase or keyword and run a search.

4. Look at other app descriptions

Find any similar or competing apps in the store and read all of their descriptions. After you’ve read a good number of descriptions you will start to notice which words repeat themselves – these are the keywords they used.

When looking at some of the top performing apps you can even find keywords that were put there by accident, but helped that publisher get good results. Descriptions have many things hidden within them so take your time and read them carefully.

5. Evaluate your keywords

Once you have created a list of keywords, it is time to cut off all the bad ones. Don’t get attached to any keywords, no matter how logical they may seem – if a keyword is not performing, you should remove it.  Make sure that they are relevant, as well – a keyword should lead people to your app, but the users shouldn’t be wondering how it got there in the first place.

You should also look to choose keywords that are not highly competitive. If a keyword is taken and there are many results for it, you should choose another one. The traffic of keywords is quite important. You can find a keyword that ranks at the number one position, but if there are only 50 people searching for it, then it will be of no use.

Make sure that you get a good keyword research tool and invest a lot of time in performing proper research before you launch your app. No matter how good your app might be it won’t get any attention if your keywords are poorly chosen.

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