5 Best Practices for App Store Optimization?

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5 Best Practices for App Store Optimization

Getting your app out there to the people is a demanding task, as the competition is very strong. Many people are afraid that it is necessary to do a lot of things and they get lost trying to accomplish the myriad of goals that they set for themselves. However, there are only five important steps that you need to take to ensure that your app reaches your target demographic, and that it actually sells. So, you only need to focus on making a few strategic moves, but you need to make sure that they are the right ones.

Do your research

This first step is to see what your competition is doing. There is a set of keywords they are aiming at, and you should seriously consider doing the same. However, if the competition is too strong, a good idea is to conduct more detailed research, which will allow you to use other keywords to increase organic traffic. Keyword research is also important when it comes to naming your app.

Using the right set of keywords is going to bring a higher amount of organic traffic to your apps, and this is your main goal, especially if you are running on a tight budget. Launching an app under its own unique name requires a lot of marketing efforts and a truly catchy name. So stick with a keyword in your title, it will get you more downloads, especially after some time when you get a decent number of downloads and a few user reviews.

Create a good app description

This is something that many people consider irrelevant. Creating an optimized description takes a lot of research. There is a variety of keywords that you have to include, but make sure that you do it naturally. Stuffed keywords are not going to get you more downloads, simply put yourself in your customers’ shoes, you would certainly not download an app with a nonsense description. Do your research, do not use more than five keywords per description and if you have to use them five times, make sure that they fit in with the text naturally.

Create a unique icon

Yet again, you should take a look at the competition and create a completely unique icon that is going to swim out to the surface and attract attention in a sea of similar apps. Depending on the store you are creating the icon for, there are certain rules to follow. For example, a material design icon might receive better feedback from android users who are well familiar with it.


The app stores count a lot of different apps on the general level. However, the stores in a variety of countries are localized and rely on the local language. There are those who do not perform localization, which is a very big mistake, as you are missing out on huge markets with millions of potential customers.

For the first run, relying on Google Translate will do the job for simple sentences in the description, but if you notice a surge of downloads in a specific country, you can easily hire a translator to perfect your description for that language. When it comes to the app itself, localizing is fairly easy, as there is not much text throughout them. Doing this will open your app to millions of other users, which is going to bring some incredible results.

These are some of the most important steps that you have to take if you want to optimize your app for all markets. Be different from the competition, attract attention and utilize keywords in a smart way. Don’t forget to add screenshots for both phones and tablets, as the tablet market is increasing every day, counting millions of new users on the app store.

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