4 Essential Tools for Every Digital Entrepreneur

essential tools for digital entrepreneurs

If you want to be self-employed and work under your own rules (as much as it is possible) there are a lot of things that you must keep in mind. But, the first thing I should make clear is that it is not all sunshine and rainbows as you might have read somewhere online. There are people who have it easy now, sure, but they worked so hard to get there.

Don’t think that you will be able to work 2 to 3 hours per day and become successful. It doesn’t work that way, it never did, and you can forget about those stories about overnight success. You will have to invest a lot of time and get the most out of it; this is why you must empower yourself with some tools that will improve your work in many different ways.

Google Drive

It is absolutely shocking how many people still don’t know about some useful, free tools such as Google Drive. This tool is a free cloud platform that allows you to upload, create, download, store and share documents with other people. Not only can you share content with people, but you can also collaborate and edit documents at the same time, while being able to see other people’s activity and their past work on a particular document. You can access these documents at any time, from any place.


Social media networks are an indispensable part of any modern business. Business organizations, as well as professionals have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or a Pinterest account and they use it on a regular basis. Still, the question is are you really using your social media to its full potential?

During your long, stressful, messy day, you sometimes might not get the chance to share, tweet or post the things you wanted to. This tool allows you to schedule posts in advance and the dashboard includes replies, mentions and comments. Hootsuite also has an analytics tool that can help you improve your social media strategy.


Evernote is a multi-tool app that helps you keep track of goals, plans, thoughts, ideas and everything else you want. Evernote is truly your number one digital notebook that you can always use. It is so convenient that it even syncs your mobile phone with your computer and it can also be installed on multiple devices so that you can take notes or look at your ideas whenever, wherever.


Trello is suitable for businesses of all sizes. This robust project management tool that allows you to create different projects, boards and attach files in them, add other members, comments or create checklists. This I a great tool for big projects that have a lot of people working on them, you can divide them into smaller pieces and finish them one by one, while being able to monitor progress constantly.

These tools are absolutely vital for a digital entrepreneur to remain productive and efficient. There are many other tools you can use as well, but I suggest you try these out and see if they are all you need. Remember, overcrowding yourself with too many tools can be counterproductive.

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