Top 8 Reasons Why Your Business Must Develop Software

The recent State of the Developer Nation report found that by 2021, there were 26.8 million software developers worldwide. These numbers are expected to reach 45 million by 2030. The United States (US) alone has 4.4 million software developers.

The growing size of the software developer fraternity sheds light on the development of new software applications and their increasing usage. Businesses are vying to develop software to foster their strategies, remain competitive, and improve customer satisfaction, amongst many reasons.

A decade ago, “why are software developers important?” might have been a puzzling question, but it’s no more now. Today, software applications have implications on ROI and have become an essential criterion to stay relevant.

Going into detail, here we discuss key reasons as to why as a business you should prioritize the idea to develop software

Why software development is important for businesses

Businesses, now, look to develop software as they rest their strategic plans on it. We help you understand this in quite a depth, by detailing the reasons that prompt enterprises to develop software.

Maintain Healthy and Competitive existence 

A software application is the difference between success and failure. While its presence can make your business, its absence can seriously hurt your efforts to succeed. Open an app store or drive a Google search to check if your competitors are offering applications to the customers or not. The findings will reveal the cut-throat competition that exists for offering the best software application for the services.

You are ages behind your competitor if you don’t have software. For each kind of business, you will find a software application. So, each business today tries to maintain a strong digital presence through apps and provide customers with a delightful experience. Leveraging the expertise of mobile application development companies so that they can continue to focus on their core business.

How mobile apps keep businesses competitive.

Drive Growth and Scale

A well-designed software lets you offer a smooth, hassle-free experience to your customers, increases sales, and down the line positively impacts the bottom line. Even the smallest ecommerce company will have an app in the store and look for all the ways to attract more customers to ecommerce platform.

The idea of boosting sales with applications is no more restricted to selling products. service businesses, too, have started following suit. Growing smart, even car repair, service, and maintenance businesses have developed apps to let a distressed car owner easily discover the services.

Software improves business effectiveness by bringing together various functions.

Disrupt the traditional course of action

Traditionally, businesses have grappled with the challenges of tracking staff productivity. A peculiar example is that of service and maintenance businesses, which didn’t have the right monitoring mechanisms. With the emergence of dashboards and activity monitoring applications that offer real-time insight into staff’s field activities using mobile apps, field operations have become more transparent.

Business decisions are increasingly becoming data-driven and software is a pivotal part of this process. The above example highlights this. For each of the phases in real-time decision-making – collection/extraction, analysis, and modeling, you need software. This realization is making not only large but even small and medium businesses (SMBs) take up sincere efforts.

Software helping businesses manage remote staff productivity

Distinguish yourself with Personal Connect

Tesco, the British multinational retailer, made headlines when it decided to use face-scanning software at fuel stations. The software installed in high-tech screens could precisely estimate attributes like age and gender and show people advertisements that suited their demographic. This is a sheer example of the extent to which software applications enable personalization.

With smartphones in hands of each of us, today, for businesses it’s an opportunity to easily offer personalized promotions. One such example is the AI-driven software in eCommerce apps that generates custom recommendations based on historical purchases for buyers.

Businesses use software to gather data and provide personalized content to users.

Accessibility is a concern for you

A few years ago, people would have to visit bill-payment centers during stipulated hours to pay their utility bills. It was a tiresome and time-consuming act. With the coming of software applications, those instances now seem dull and dead. You can start an application on your mobile phone or open a portal on your PC even in the middle of the night and pay the bills.

A transformation indeed! Yes, with software applications you offer your customers the immense convenience of accessibility and ease of use. Remaining 24/7 accessible matters to not let your business take a backseat in any way.

People can use software to pay utility bills at their convenience.

Foster Engagement

During the 2014 FIFA world cup, Pepsi ran an AR (augmented reality) campaign.
The company had created 242 million bottles and cans through which users could play a football game with popular footballers on their smartphones. The company witnessed a massive engagement of 60 thousand hours, as around 3.5 million people blipped the cans.

With software, you have limitless possibilities to engage your potential audience. It remarkably increases your brand’s visibility and keeps the audience constantly informed about it. On average around 7 hours of daily time is spent looking at a screen. With effective software applications, businesses can use these hours for boosting engagement.

Pepsi's FIFA 2014 AR campaign.


Make Customers adhere to your brand

Can software applications affect customers’ loyalty to your brand? Of course, yes. We live in a digital age where software applications dictate our lives. Apps are a central element of our lifestyle and even central to the business world for fostering brand loyalty.

Software applications let you build a strong digital presence and add value to your products or services. You thus create value for your customers by tying brand loyalty to the application. Ultimately, it helps you to retain customers and maintain a long-term bond with them.

Software keeps customers engaged online and offline, increasing brand loyalty.

Optimize and Reengineer

Process optimization is a foremost task for businesses these days. Especially for manufacturing companies, there are several good reasons to drive optimization. In software-driven operations, each process is regulated by an application. For instance, with ERP software, divergent teams across the United States (US) or across different continents can coordinate seamlessly. 

Altogether, the advent of the software-driven ecosystem has revolutionized the business landscape. Again, in the manufacturing context, right from optimizing production schedules, improving inventory utilization, optimizing spaces, and allocating fleets, software applications can dramatically improve throughput.

Software helps optimize manufacturing processes.

Mull a software idea for your business

For businesses, software is a basic premise today to remain successful in the long run. Even in your business. surely, there might be a space in which you can bring turnaround through a software application.

Developing software that captures your niche needs will need a bespoke solution. This is why custom software development is important. In case you have not identified an idea to develop software, it’s time for you to revisit your business functions and processes and conceptualize one. For any assistance in building a bespoke solution connect with our experts.

Reasons To Develop Software

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