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We Build and Scale Transformative Products for SaaS and Software Startups

Since 2010, Finoit, as one of the leading software development companies, has been delivering full-cycle software development services to startups, mid-size businesses, and large-scale enterprises. As a premier software development company in the US, it has been offering a comprehensive range of development services tailored towards meeting the evolving needs of modern business. With our advanced approach, we deliver high-quality, user-friendly, and scalable software solutions.

Software Development Comapny

Our Array of Development Services

Finoit provides multiple software development services to fulfill different development requirements of businesses according to their unique needs. In this endeavor, we offer a wide range of services across

Software Development

As a leading software development firm, we specialize in delivering innovative digital solutions across industries. By offering this spectrum of services, we cater to diverse business needs, delivering them cutting-edge software solutions and optimizing operations for seamless performance:

Web Development

Our Web Development services focus on delivering high-quality custom web solutions, as we leverage the latest technology to build them. Offering a seamless user experience across all devices and driving your brand’s online visibility and growth, our solution space covers:

Mobile App Development

Finoit provides Mobile App Development Services offering development of high-end mobile applications consisting of modern features and functionalities while providing continuous improvements to streamline operations from startups to enterprise level. We have assisted brands across the globe to build excellent mobile app solutions by providing them:

Cloud Services

Embrace a future-ready ecosystem using our cloud-based solutions that not only optimize efficiency but also ensures a competitive edge. Our strategic approach revolves around harnessing scalable computing resources through the following services:

  • Cloud Consulting
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Migration and Integration
  • Cloud Application Containerization
  • Cloud Microservices Architecture
  • Cloud App QA and Testing
  • DevOps and Security

Software Product Engineering

As a software engineering company, we lead the development of technologically compliant software solutions that efficiently address real business challenges. Whether launching a new product or upgrading the existing one, we maximize its value to support your strategic endeavors, ensuring predictable results via:

  • End-to-End Product Consulting
  • Product Engineering (Quality Analysis & Testing)
  • Product Architecture and Design
  • Product Integration
  • Migration and Porting
  • Iterative Product Development
  • Product Support and Maintenance

Digital Transformation

Finoit helps in the digital transformation of your organization by offering the following services. In this process, we help you embrace technology and build for you a resilient and adaptive foundation so that your enterprise evolves sustainably, thus making you capable of offering a gratifying customer experience.

BI and Analytics

Finoit offers tailor-made BI solutions to transform complex data into actionable insights, ensuring a goal-oriented and tactical approach. We help you navigate the challenge by equipping you with blue-chip capabilities by providing services that include:

  • BI and Analytics Consulting
  • Data Mining and Data Reporting
  • Data Warehousing and Data Integration
  • Bespoke Analytics Dashboard Development
  • Dashboard Integration, and Maintenance

Staff Augmentation

We seamlessly integrate skilled professionals into our client’s team. Our flexible approach allows for immediate support and easy expertise infusion that goes vis-à-vis the client’s scalability requirements, which is important for timely project completion. In this area, we offer support you with-

  • Augment Technology Team
  • Full Project Outsourcing
  • Managed IT Services

Why Choose Finoit as
Your Software Development Company?

Our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality software development services has positioned us as a trustworthy name in a short span of time. Following are the reasons that qualify us as the best software development partner:

Software Development Success Stories

Software Development Costing at Finoit

Our costing framework has been built to optimize spending for our clients. Some attributes that characterize our costing approach and help keep it budget-friendly are:

Transparent Costing Model

We understand the importance of financial clarity and trust-building with our clients. Our transparent costing model ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of all costs involved in your project right from the start.

Customized Pricing Strategies

Since every software project is unique, with its own set of demands, scope, and complexity, we offer tailored pricing strategies to match the specific needs of the project. By customizing our pricing, we provide cost-effective solutions that meet our client’s budget requirements while delivering exceptional value.

Cost-Effective Development

We leverage agile practices, reusable code, and efficient project management techniques to optimize costs while ensuring that your software meets the highest standards of quality, scalability, and security. Our focus on cost-effectiveness means that you get the most value out of your investment, with software solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Comprehensive Cost Analysis

Our team conducts an in-depth financial analysis covering every aspect of the development lifecycle, giving you a clear view of your investment. The analysis helps you make informed decisions about your budget and ensures that there are no surprises along the way.

Build Great Team with Us,
with Flexible Engagement Models

As a software development company, Finoit offers these comprehensive collaboration options. You can choose an ideal method for your project, considering its requirements and compatibility.

Industries We Serve

As a versatile enterprise software development services provider, we have been instrumental in delivering niche solutions across industries. Explore the industries we have served and solutions we deliver – of course – not just limited to those mentioned:


We provide bespoke healthcare applications that improve clinical decision-making and enhance patient engagement. Delivering solutions such as EHRs, telehealth platforms, and mobile health apps, we focus on healthcare-specific compliances like HIPAA and data security to streamline interoperability and improve your healthcare operations.

Automotive and Transportation

We pioneer the automotive and transportation revolution with applications that derive the power of IoT, and AI-driven predictive analytics. Crafting user-friendly fleet management apps and other tools, we optimize logistics and supply chain operations. Our high-performing solutions streamline automotive and transportation processes and open avenues for seamless transportation management.


Build dynamic learning environments where every individual can thrive. Finoit crafts educational apps and e-learning platforms to deliver personalized learning journeys. Interactive, engaging, and accessible, our solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of institutions, educators, and students.

Banking and Finance

Offer rich experiences to your customers using Finoit’s capabilities. We deliver secure, reliable, and scalable fintech solutions that transform digital banking. From Developing custom banking apps, financial management tools, and blockchain solutions, we deliver solutions that reengineer your banking operations.


Stand tall achieve consistent improvement in ROI using retail and eCommerce applications that help you thrive in the competition. From online stores, CRM systems to retail management applications, we deliver solutions that improve your retail value chain, drive sales, and offer superior experiences to your customers.


Spanning network management solutions, CRM, and operational support systems (OSS), our telecommunications offerings cover every tool that brings massive improvement in service delivery. Using our solutions, telecommunication companies can register significant operational improvement in a short span.

Travel and Tourism

Let travelers enjoy personalized journeys with our travel apps and booking systems specifically developed to meet your customers’ needs. Offering real-time updates and effortless reservations, our applications deliver convenience and offer exceptional travel experiences.

Media and Entertainment

Captivate audiences and streamline content delivery using our offerings that redefine the way you deliver digital content. Our experts build OTT apps with designs that your audiences love, and thus help you set new standards for engagement and efficiency in media consumption.


From donor management systems, volunteer management apps to fund management solutions, our non-profit software solutions help you in contributing value to society. With our partnership, you operate more effectively, use resources more wisely, thereby better serving communities.

Utility and Energy

Achieve unparalleled efficiency and drive innovation using our specialized utility and energy management tools. Whether it is flawless grid management, efficient renewable energy tracking and operation analytics, our tools offer roadways to greener operations and operational excellence.

What goes in Our
Process of Software Development?

Our software development process comprises the following steps and making use of best practices. Using this approach, we meticulously craft a robust development framework, and lay a solid foundation for your unique and strategic applications:


We start by building a roadmap for your project by preparing a framework considering the specific collaboration type, required functionalities expected in the software application by

  • Defining project objectives and scope.
  • Identifying stakeholders and gathering requirements.
  • Creating a project plan with tasks and timelines.
  • Estimating resources needed and examining development methodologies
  • Developing a risk management plan.

Design and Architecture

It is important for us to act as a software design company, not restricting ourselves just to development niceties. With this mindset, after setting the initial foundation, we move on to building a blueprint for the software, defining components, and structuring the system where our experts:

  • Develop a software architecture.
  • Build UI/UX design (user interface/user experience design) for individual components and modules.
  • Identify the tech stack and create data models and databases.
  • Define user interfaces.
  • Ensure scalability, performance, and security


The cornerstone of the entire development lifecycle, this is the step where our developers start building code to implement features based on design specifications. During this time, we .

  • Write code using chosen programming languages.
  • Employing the identified development methodology
  • Use version control systems for code management.
  • Conduct regular code reviews.
  • Address issues and bugs during development.

QA and Testing

Systematically checking the software for defects and fixing bugs and defects is a prerequisite before we move on to final stages. For this our quality assurance team

  • Design test cases
  • Performs unit testing on individual components.
  • Conducts integration testing for ensuring functionalities.
  • Executes system testing for overall system validation.
  • Performs user acceptance testing (UAT).


When the product is ready, it is important to release the software for users transferring it to a production environment, for which our experts

  • Develop a deployment plan.
  • Configure the production environment.
  • Transfer code and data to the production server.
  • Conduct smoke tests to verify the deployment.
  • Monitor for any issues post-deployment.

Software Maintenance

Ongoing efforts to support and improve the software after deployment to keep your application sustainable. We deploy a full-time support and maintenance team that

  • Add content – use ENTER key for new LI line.- Fixes reported bugs and issues.
  • Updates and enhances features based on user feedback.
  • Releases patches and updates.
  • Adapts the software to changing requirements and technologies.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Technologies and Platforms We Hold Expertise In

We make the best use of the most suitable licensed and open-source tools based on the peculiarities of a project. In general, here are some of the technologies that we have been using in our projects. As technology continues to evolve, so too does this technology stack.

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Risk-free, Trusted Software Development Partner

  • Experienced and Proven

    A custom software development firm with over 14 years of credibility in delivering premium software development services.

  • Transparent and Dependable

    Micr-level visibility in processes that build trust and makes us a highly transparent software development company.

  • In-budget, On-time

    A software development agency that Startups, SMBs, and enterprises rely on for in-budget and on-time delivery of their software development needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you a full-service software agency or just development?

We are a full-service software agency that covers all aspects of product development i.e. from information flow planning to UX and UI design, software development, testing and software support. We primarily focus on startups and SMBs, and as a software development agency in the US, we understand that being limited to a specific service type would leave our clients overwhelmed as it’s really difficult to get different parts of a software development process done from different software development vendors. And for that, as a full-service software company, we ensure that you don’t get stuck or won’t have to hunt other providers because of a lack of development services mix with us.

How much does software development cost with Finoit?

Project level cost could vary and could be anything between $10,000 to $500,000 or more! That’s what any software design firm would probably also say! Software development cost is affected by various factors such as project requirements, the software development engagement model you choose, and the number of resources/software developers required for your project.

As for hourly rates, it could be anything between $15-40/hr, depending on the technology stack and experience level.

We understand how critical it is to manage the software development cost effectively and for that reason, as a bespoke software company, we ensure that the planning part is done very meticulously.

Once software development is through, how does your software agency support the software?

As a custom software company, we put great emphasis on uptime and thus software maintenance and support because post-development software support is what helps build a complete and reliable software application. Being a top software development company in the USA, we deploy a team of support experts who are at your disposal 24×7. Offering excellent remote technical software support for fixes and issue resolution, our software support staff offers incident-based troubleshooting assistance and provides necessary usability advice as and when you need it.

Are there any specific technologies you prefer/recommend for software development?

Our services include a range of technologies and frameworks to build the best-in-class software products. Though we love Python, Java, and native app development, each software development project comes with its own requirements and challenges and we generally recommend software tech stacks accordingly. Of course, as a software developer company, it’s critical that we keep upgrading our tech stacks, and for that reason, we employ modern technology stacks in our services portfolio that helps us cover the broad needs of our customers and makes us the most diversified and the best software development company in the USA.

What software development methodology do you follow?

This is generally chosen based on budget, timeline, scope definition, etc. As an experienced software development services company, we leverage agile software development methodology to build software applications. However, agile takes various forms such as Scrum, extreme programming (XP), rapid application development (RAD), feature-driven development (FDD), etc. We first analyze the project’s requirements to fit them into a specific agile model. Most of our projects are based on Scrum agile methodology because as a full-service software developer agency, it helps in the quicker release of products to our clients, keeps development costs low, and offers agility to easily incorporate changes in the product.

Are you a custom software development company or also an off-the-shelf software vendor?

We are a custom software agency in the US and do not offer any off-the-shelf software. We have built our own SaaS and other products but they work separately. As a full-service software development firm, we conceptualize and build bespoke software applications from scratch based on our client’s business and process needs. Our bespoke full-service software development assistance is tailored to meet your unique business needs and goals. For over 13 years now, our software developer company has enabled many startups and small businesses (SMBs) to innovate and add value to their business through our cost-effective bespoke software development services.

How does your software development company ensure product quality?

With Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE). As a known custom software development company in the US(United States), we follow a set of practices to assess quality at each stage in the software development lifecycle. By employing agile methodologies, our software agency builds an iterative pipeline in which software is tested multiple times against the acceptance criteria. And we employ a combination of manual, automated, and semi-automated software testing to test every dimension of the software application.

Amongst so many application development companies, why should we choose you?

Very reasonable questions considering the crowded software product development agency market! Some of the biggest reasons could be:

  • We are founders ourselves and know the challenges of building software both as SaaS and internal business processes.
  • Trust and dependability in a software development team are critical and that’s what we focus on.
  • A partner mindset and not a software agency/vendor mindset is what differentiates us further from the competition.
  • Certified software development team, proven credentials, and our reference work and testimonials further validate our capabilities.

Lastly, while optimizing cost is critical, our focus is not on providing low-cost, dirt-cheap services by compromising on quality like many other development shops. Instead, our goal is to optimize cost while maintaining the highest level of code and software product performance quality. This is what distinguishes us as a software development services company.

As a software development agency, do you hire contractors or have in-house software developers only?

We have a strong team of highly experienced 200+ in-house developers who are experts in a range of tools and technologies. As a top software developer agency in the USA, we believe that bringing external dependency as a software developer company is tricky from accountability, confidentiality, transparency, and many other factors, and for those reasons, we do not hire contractors/freelancers, as we are constantly increasing the size of our in-house software development team. It’s only done if we need a highly experienced consultant for a specific niche in that we do not have the expertise as a trusted software development company.