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As a top rated IoT application development company, we help organizations to identify the processes they can IoTize and build solutions around it to deliver intelligence and improved performance.

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Over 150 businesses have trusted us for their IoT Application Development

How We Approach

Finoit, the globally known IoT application development company, facilitates a holistic approach to complete IoT app development lifecycle. Following are the methods we adopt:
  • Identify & Define the problem
  • Devise Solution
  • Hardware Selection
  • Build Platform
  • Test & Implement
  • Support & Improve

Problem identification and definition

We collaborate to understand and evaluate the problem/pain areas and it’s impact from business, tech and customer perspective. Based on problem definition, various IoT solutions and associated technical solution maps are devised.
  • Future Ready Selection of the best technology to derive long-term solution
  • Business Centric Evaluate business impact, and define and align IoT strategy with business performance
  • Customer Centric Identifying customer problems and solution mapping while focusing on customer experience and cost factors

Process Deliverables

  • Problem(Process issues/Pain Areas) identification and definition
  • Industry best practices and existing solution analysis
  • Project roadmap with respect to IoT role, Hardware evaluation and
  • expected outcomes
  • Technology stack and MVP roadmap

Build and Implement IoT

IoTize the machine/assets, build platforms to generate and evaluate data and integrate business processes to deliver meaningful, actionable insights.
  • IoTize Empower assets to sense, network and communicate the data between devices and the Cloud
  • Build Platforms Build Cloud based platforms to receive, uniformalize and analysis of data.
  • Evaluate Build and integrate IoT applications and analytics to evaluate the data to capture business insight and refine assets.

Process Deliverables

  • IoTization i.e. review and seletion of hardware, connectivity, security and communication
  • Platform development to store data and manage devices
  • IoT Application development for data visualization and analytics

Build and Implement IoT

Implement the IoT solution, evaluate performance and support our dedicated support team ensure smooth implementation and supports IoT initiatives across organization processes.
  • Device and Platform Our support team ensures smooth operations with maintenance services for device and platform management. They are availabel for bug fixes, upgrades and smoother transformation.
  • Data Analysis and Evaluation We assist in data accuracy and performance evaluation, and support in data clean-up, monitoring and reporting.

Process Deliverables

  • Review, evaluate and Report
  • Identify risk patterns and mitigate
  • Refine and clean data
  • Support and maintenance services

Why Consider Us

Our approach to building IoT ecosystem and delivering connected intelligence has created following outcomes
  • 30+ (businesses) served
  • 20+ IoT Apps Delivered
  • 50000+ Devices IoTized
  • 150 Engineers with a team of 40 IoT professionals

Success Stories

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According to Cisco, More Than 70% Organizations Failed With Their IoT Initiatives.
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Top rated Internet of Things (IoT) Application Development Company in USA and India

We are here to help you achieve an even greater level of professionalism and convenience by developing an Internet of Things (IoT) application for you. With Finoit Technologies, a prominent IoT application development company, you can establish connections between items that were not connected before, we offer the installation of sophisticated remote internet controls, which will allow you to bring an additional layer of functionality to the things you already possess.
Basically, by relying on our IoT development services & solutions, you can provide everyday objects with a connection to the internet, which can provide additional useful IoT applications. Once objects are embedded with sensors, software, electronics, actuators and of course, network connectivity, you can grant them the ability to exchange data with other devices. These objects will now be visible to the networking infrastructure, which allows you to issue certain commands, depending on what features were built-in.This kind of technology opens up a lot of possibilities for smart homes, smart offices, and even smart cities. Moreover, you can add additional features to your wearable accessories if you wish to do so. Furthermore, it will surely make a significant impact in the healthcare and transportation industry, as well as the retail sector.

Finoit Technologies is here to guide your step into the world of tomorrow, and our services are done through the following processes:

Consultation – This is the first phase where we collaborate in order to identify, adequately define and evaluate the problem. Here, the goal is to see how your business or tech is impacted from the perspective of the customer, and based on these findings, we will devise possible IoT solutions, which should bolster your business performance. Moreover, we want to focus on delivering a premium customer experience at a budget friendly price.

Development – This is the phase where your machines or assets get their upgrade, and we will also build a platform to generate and evaluate data. Also, we design an integrated business process for delivering meaningful and actionable feedback and insights. The platform is cloud based so that it can receive data for empowered assets that communicate via the network.

Implementation and Evaluation – Finally, these IoT solutions are implemented and their performance is evaluated. Our support team is there to ensure that everything goes as planned and that the implementation goes flawlessly. You will also have access to our maintenance services for both devices and platforms, which will commit to bug fixes, upgrades, and future transformations. We will also assist in ascertaining data accuracy and quality of performance, which also includes data clean-up, monitoring, and reporting.

With Finoit Technologies, the eminent IoT application development company, you can tap into the true potential of the IoT world, you can make your life easier, and add innovation with useful work implementations. If you have any additional question regarding our Internet of Things (IoT) Application development solutions & services, fill out the form below, and one of our representatives will get in touch with you immediately.

Benefits of IoT Application Development from Finoit

  • We help you build insights on given data
  • One can make decision in real time with effectiveness
  • Automated and optimized processes
  • Enhanced processes in complex scenarios
  • One can monitor real-time behavior of the processes and devices as and when required
  • We provide optimized use of resources
  • We help in improving marketing automation
  • supply chain gets more smarter and enhanced
  • we provide personalize offering
  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in revenue generation
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