Top 5 Pre-Launch App Marketing Plans

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Pre Launch App Marketing Plan

Creating an app and relying only on word-of-mouth to help you get your app off the ground and provide it with the buzz it needs to become successful is simply not enough. You need to take certain steps to make sure your app generates broad appeal and ensure lasting success.

What will help you launch your app in an effective way is a good marketing plan. Implementing proper marketing strategies into your pre-launch marketing plan is crucial for the success of your app. Marketing will help you attract more people and spread the word about your new app, so you need to take certain steps to ensure your plan reaps the most benefits.

However, before making your marketing plan, you need to set clear goals so that you’ll know whether or not your plan is effective. How will you measure the results if you have no idea what your ultimate goals are and whether or not you have reached them? Therefore, setting your goals is a vital step to make before you even start planning your pre-launch marketing campaign.

In order to make sure you reach a great number of users and raise awareness for your app, use the following guide and take every step outlined below, since they are essential for your pre-launch marketing campaign success.

Engage Potential Users on Social Media for app marketing plan

Social media offer you the best way of reaching a large number of potential users who are interested in what you have to offer. You can very easily engage many people by sharing information about your app on various social media channels. However, don’t try to be everywhere at once. Choose the channels where you can find your target customers and focus your every marketing effort there.

Furthermore, check out where your competition is and promote your app on those channels as well. It’s important to analyze your competition and show your target customers the benefits of using your app. Show them exactly why your app is better than your competitors’ apps and why they should use it.

It is extremely important to engage people on social media to let them know about your app. You should always respond in a positive manner to every feedback you receive and the important thing is to take the time to thank those who share your content. Don’t forget to retweet users when appropriate, as well as thank them for their tweets and retweets.

Communicating with your potential users is the most important thing for ensuring the success of your marketing campaign, as that will show them that you care about them and satisfying their needs, instead of only caring about your app and generating income from it.

If you already have some other apps, you can tap into your customer base and reach out to your existing fans and users. You can even encourage them to spread the word about your app. Leveraging your existing community can have an immense impact on your app launch and guarantee its success.

Start Blogging about Your New App

If you already run a blog, you can use it to update your readers about the development of your new app. If you don’t have a blog, it’s never too late to create one and grow your customer base. Blogging provides you with an excellent way of growing your fan base and promoting your app.

It’s crucial that you create content that your potential app users actually want to read, so make sure you target relevant keywords and create high-quality content, as well as link to other influencers in the industry, because all of that will increase your blog’s visibility in search engines, thus raising the awareness of your brand and helping you boost your reputation. With the content of higher quality, your readers will have better user experience, which will increase your SEO rating.

Something that will help your blog become more visible in search engines and reach more visitors is video content. Therefore, make sure you create a video that will showcase your app’s interface and capabilities. You need to create a video that will perfectly demonstrate all of your app’s features and its workflow.

What’s great is that you don’t need to hire a production team to help you create your promotional video. You can use a smartphone screen emulation, which will help you easily create a high-quality and professional-looking video that will ideally showcase everything the user needs to know about the app and help you show your app in the best possible light.

Make sure you share both your visual and textual content on social media, as that will help you drive more traffic to your blog and reach out to quite a large number of people who are interested in your new app.

Create a Sneak Peek for Your App

A great sneak peek can help you engage your potential users even more. Sneak peeks are great because they introduce something new and engage viewers in a matter of seconds by showing them something interesting, but they leave them with the expectation of something more. They leave them wondering what is going to happen next.

It’s just like watching a teaser for a movie. You watch something exciting and see the actors participating in a few explosions and boom – you’re hooked, but you have yet to see the most interesting parts once the movie is out.

By creating a sneak peek that will show screenshots from your app, a promotional video or even just a text introducing your app, you will hook people in and they will definitely want to find out more about what your app.

Reach Out to the Press

You certainly want to create a buzz around your app the moment it launches, which is why it’s important to let the press know about your app in advance, so that they will be able to create and publish content about your app. Reach out to reporters and bloggers and present them with a preview of your app, as that will help them create more informed and in-depth articles about it.

Make sure you inform the press about the exact date and time your app is going to be released and take the time to answer their question. You should also make sure you are available to them the day before your app launch, as well as on launch day. On the day you launch your app, however, you should be available to the full list of your researched reporters, so that you can make sure the word about your app is spread on all fronts.

Although this list of steps you need to take to create a pre-launch app marketing plan is not so exhaustive, these steps are the most basic and crucial ones for ensuring your marketing plan is effective. There are certainly a lot more strategies you can incorporate in your marketing plan, such as implementing different e-mail marketing tactics, but taking these basic steps will definitely provide you with a better chance of succeeding and potentially becoming the next big thing in all of the app stores.

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