The New Customer Engagement Narratives for Startups

Let’s explore how IoT application Development can boost customer engagement for startups.

Customer engagement is necessary yet tough to crack by any measure.

Time and again many technology companies have produced unique customer engagement formulations, but none has worked as good as the Internet of Things.

Although, the renaissance of communication that came with the emergence of social media sites introduced customer-friendly platforms, and claimed the success of many startups, in the long-run, have not been able to sustain the challenges.

This happens because of the inability of startups, regardless of industry verticals and how much funding they had, to adopt best practices and the latest technologies.

“inability of startups to adopt best practices and latest tech”

According to the Walker study, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a product if they get better customer experience.

Relying on Internet of Things Application Development technology concept that makes the use of data captured through sensors and mobile devices to provide insight into what went wrong and what is going in favor of the business.

Now, the companies have the opportunity to take corrective measures in time to keep their customers happy and engaged.

Internet of Things’ New Narratives for Customer Engagement

To begin with, you must understand how modern businesses interact with their customers. Before the dawn of social media, common customer touchpoints were radio, newspaper, television, billboards, and more.

In those eras, companies had more power than customers; it is companies who were deciding what consumers will see on TV, what they will hear on the radio, and what they are going to read in the newspaper.

Internet and Smartphones transferred the power in the hands of consumers.

The rapid rise of social media and mobile computing added to the fuel and the market got reshaped.

Now every company out there in this competitive environment knows two things

  1. where to go: omnichannel platforms
  2. what to do: optimization of the business process for customer engagement.

But the “How” of this task is often sceptical and mostly get stuck in between the choices available with the company and the capabilities of technology partner.

This “how” is answered by IoT application development companies with a systematic plan to create a smart, connected world by using smart devices and digital technology.

The IoT application can help physical asset-oriented companies, irrespective of their industrial background, to garner information from the equipment they use.

Customer Engagement Mechanism & IoT application Development Solution

IoT application development has three pillars: connected systems, automation, and data analytics. An advanced IoT app development company will help your business to stand on these three pillars to drive customer engagement.

Besides, they will help you shape how you engage with your customers.

You can look up to a reliable software application development company that can enable you to leverage on the next-generation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to get precise data out of the customer interactions and take accurate decisions on-behalf-of you.

Key Benefits Your Business Receive:

  • Increase operational velocity by bringing all the stakeholders, including business owners, employees, dealers, and buyers on the same platform
  • Seamless, personalized omnichannel experience to the customers
  • Clear visibility into the processes to establish a single source of truth
  • Real-time data-driven ecosystem to create a better future fueled by smart decisions and innovation
  • Reduced cost and improved productivity of customer support and customer success teams

IoT application development is a significant revolution for companies engaged in the manufacturing, healthcare, and finance sectors. It helps to remove communication silos to assure barrier-free communication in a timely manner.

And since customers are willing to pay more for a better experience, companies must not shy away from going the extra mile to deliver smooth customer experience.

For the startups, optimizing business process will not be an expensive decision in the long run.

Engaging with an IoT Application Development Company

The moment you get all the green signals for IoT application development, find a company that can help you build the right expectations and develop an application on the same base.

But before you engage with IoT application development company, make sure that the organization has 3 key traits:

  1. IoT Focused Development Team:
    The company must have a dedicated IoT focused team that could help you to build the right product. Since IoT is a combination of a wide range of technologies and involves making precise data models to achieve expected ROI, a multi-tasking team is not the right thing you will be looking at the moment.
  2. Ability to Create Effective Data Model:
    You can have data, but to get information out of the data, your IoT app development company must have the requisite expertise to create a high-performance data model.
  3. Post Development Analysis Enablement:
    Your technology partner must have a team to support you in post-development analysis, whether you are able to achieve the right information from the data, and how they can help you create more relevant information.
    Once you are positive with all these measures, you can associate with the company to begin the development work to optimize your business process and achieve outstanding customer engagement solution.

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