6 Things You Should Not Do to Market Your App

Mistakes to avoid

We all make mistakes. Mistakes are simply a big part of our lives and we all learn as we live. The majority of our learning comes from our mistakes. Well, at least for people who are willing to learn. People that don’t have a learning mindset go through their mistakes without analyzing their steps, and they usually repeat them again in their lives, both personal and business mistakes. Having a learning mindset is essential for business as you can always improve your strategies to make your business more successful and profitable.

What’s even better is the fact that there are many business people who have gone through the same things (or similar) long before you ever got involved with the business world. Most of them are willing to share their mistakes and this is why I’ve decided to put together this list of 6 most common mistakes people make when marketing apps, so that you don’t have to learn from your own mistakes but rather from somebody else’s.

1. Not considering marketing strategies until you’ve developed your app

The absolute pinnacle of all mistakes is not to even consider how you will market your app until you’ve developed it. The quality of a product is just as important as it is to market it properly. I know that a lot of developers can get mad when they hear something like this, but this is a fact. No matter how good your app may be, you won’t be able to sell it if it doesn’t get the necessary exposure. These two are tied together and, since the beginning of the development, you should always consider marketing strategies alongside the app design and its future features.

2. Promising something your app can’t deliver

The second important move you shouldn’t make is a set of unrealistic expectations with your potential customers. A lot of businesses or marketers think that if they lie a bit about their app, they will be able to make more sales and that people will not notice any differences if they do this wisely.

Well it could be the opposite – you may attract a couple of sales and whatnot, but once those people see that they’ve paid money for something that doesn’t fulfill the promises you made, they will start a whole negative buzz online. All of your ratings will drop, as people will feel betrayed and they will encourage others not to make the same mistake they did. Honesty is important.

3. Not optimizing your app for the store

A lot of people get hyped because of the size of the app stores on which they plan to sell their apps. Although they may seem like a big place where there is a large community and a lot of potential customers for your app, the reality is that your app can easily go unnoticed, and left in some corner to “rot”. Similar to search engine optimization, there is also an app store optimization that includes launching your app in such fashion that it’s highly visible when people search the app store. Without this you will lose a lot of sales, so learn how to perform app store optimization.

4. Not researching competing apps

When you finish your app, you will be eager to launch it in stores and offer it consumers. However, the way you present your app is highly important. If there are people who are already selling similar apps and are performing well, you will have to perform a proper analysis of your competition. If you offer similar apps in a similar fashion, people will have no reason to get your app, but will rather turn to the competition.

Instead, you should offer something new and explain how your app can either do something better than the competition or has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd.

5. Neglecting your target audience

Before you even launch your app on the market you must make sure that you know your audience well enough and understand their troubles, needs, expectations etc. A lot of businesses stick to plain demographics such as age or gender, but there is much more to it and you will really need to understand how people in your target audience think, so that you will be able to deliver them a good story about why your app is the right one for them. Perform market research and reach out to people. Ask them important questions, look at their complaints and see where similar apps have failed.

6. Marketing your app without considering any data

A lot of app developers decide on using a certain marketing channel solely on their instincts. Although a lot of things in business can require pure instinct this is not one of them. Marketing strategies must be created on data that is previously gathered and sorted.

Furthermore, useful marketing channels can quickly get drained in the digital marketing world, and this is why it is important to collect valuable data before releasing every brand new app. In the past, some marketing option may have worked for the type of app you plan on selling now, but this doesn’t mean it will work now as well.

Marketing a new mobile app successfully can be a difficult process. This is why you should make a thorough plan that outlines all of your strategies, channels and tools you plan on using. Furthermore, you should make sure to measure your marketing results, so that you understand where your strategy’s weaknesses are and correct them in the future.

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