10 Must Have Tools for Startups To Attain Better Efficiency and Drive Growth

Startup Tools

Building a startup is difficult!

There are copious amounts of tasks that have to be handled in order for the whole endeavor to become successful. The whole journey can be made much easier, as there are plenty of online software solutions which can make a variety of tasks easier to complete. Relying on these types of tools can make a small team very effective, which is important for saving finances before the startup becomes funded.

These are some of the tools that are actually a must if you are looking to increase the chances of your startup becoming a success.


Getting in the startup game requires a lot of experience. Chances are that a majority of people are not equipped with this type of experience. If you are looking for a way to powerfully jumpstart your startup, this platform is the perfect place to find an experienced mentor to guide you and your team through the whole process. Finding a professional for free is practically impossible nowadays; however, this platform is completely free.


Design plays an important role in attracting new customers to your business. Additionally, a startup needs to look as flawless as possible, to captivate people and be as appealing to them as possible. Designhill is the perfect place to find this for a low price. This platform features millions of graphic artists who specialize in creating logos, designs and illustrations in a short period of time, which is perfect for every startup.


All startups need to set up their email marketing strategy as easily as possible, and this software tool is one of the best in the market. Connecting with your target audience is very important, so it is important to rely on a tool such as this, especially when you take into account that you can get a lot done for free.


All of the startups face an abundance of tasks. This software tool is essential if you are looking for a way to simultaneously manage a variety of projects. Additionally, this is a web-based solution that makes it possible for project managers to always track the progress of each individual project.


While you are juggling multiple tasks at a time, Canva takes care of all of your design needs. Be it your social profile images, or your blog graphics or the brand visual identity or be it your ebook cover, Canva does everything. Visual marketing is a crucial part of your marketing journey and with Canva’s ready-to-use templates, and easy customization features, you can rest assured you won’t lose.

And the best part? Well, it doesn’t cost you a cent. Although it also provides some premium features for $1 each, you can use them as your demand. So trust Canva with all of your designing needs while you are focusing on other crucial tasks.


Every startup requires collaborative efforts. One of the best solutions for managing documentation is to rely on cloud based document sharing platforms. One of the companies that truly stands out is Dropbox, which offers an incredible amount of space for its customers. Being able to access documentation from any place is important as well as the ability to work together on a variety of projects. If you are looking for ways to ensure an impeccable workflow, save time and make your team efficient. Relying on a solution like this is a must.


Companies rely on surveys to improve their customer satisfaction and to perfect the products they are selling. It is a matter of time before you are going to need to run a survey and this platform is the perfect way of creating and sharing surveys with your customers. The platform is free for up to 100 participants per survey, so make sure to utilize it; it will boost a startup incredibly.

Wave Apps

Accounting is a big problem and it involves a lot of expenses for businesses. In order to minimize these costs, relying on Wave apps is a step that is necessary to take. These apps are rich with features and will make the whole accounting, billing and invoicing process much easier.


Social media presence is essential for all types of businesses and startups are no different. Reaching out to millions of people is now easier than ever with these platforms. However, to conduct a successful social media campaign, it is necessary to be present on various social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many others.
Managing all these networks simultaneously would take an immense amount of time, were it not for tools like HootSuite. This web platform will make it possible for you to monitor all of your social networks with the option of making scheduled posts. It is a necessary tool to use in your social media management strategy.

These are some of the tools which can make the whole process of creating a startup much easier. In the beginning, the most important thing is to have an effective team that does not consume a lot of funding without sacrificing quality. These tools are the right choice for successfully achieving these goals.

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