Internet of Things (IOT) Technology Service Provider

Sophisticated remote internet control and detailed logging to a lot of things that you already have that are not able to be seen or controlled on the web.

The “Internet of things” (IoT) is becoming an increasingly growing topic of conversation both in the workplace and outside of it.

Remotii is a way to bring sophisticated remote internet control and detailed logging to a lot of things that you already have that are not able to be seen or controlled on the web.

  • Identify & Define
    the problem
  • Devise Solution
  • Hardware Selection
  • Build Platform(App data and other assets)
  • Test & Implement
  • Support & Improve

Problem identification and definition

We collaborate to understand and evaluate the problem/pain areas and it’s impact from business, tech and customer perspective. Based on problem definition, various solutions and associated technical solution map is devised.

  • Furture Ready Selection of right technology to derive long-term solution
  • Business Centric Evaluate business impact, and define and align IoT strategy with business performance
  • Customer Centric Identifying customer problems and solution mapping while focusing on customer experience and cost factors

Process Deliverables

  • Problem(Process issues/Pain Areas) identification and definition
  • Industry best practices and existing solution analysis
  • Project roadmap with respect to IoT role, Hardware evaluation and
  • expected outcomes
  • Technology stack and MVP roadmap

Build and Implement IoT

IoTize the machine/assets, build platforms to generate and evaluate data and integrate business processes to deliver meaningful, actionable insights.

  • IoTize Empower assets to sense, network and communicate the data between devices and the Cloud
  • Build Platforms Build Cloud based platforms to receive, uniformalize and analysis of data.
  • Evaluate Build and integrate apps and analytics to evaluate the data to capture business insight and refine assets.

Process Deliverables

  • IoTization i.e. review and seletion of hardware, connectivity, security and communication
  • Platform development to store data and manage devices
  • Application development for data visualization and analytics

Build and Implement IoT

Implement the solution, evaluate performance and Support Our dedicated support team ensure smooth implementation and supports IoT initiatives across organization processes.

  • Device and Platform Our support team ensures smooth operations with maintenance services for device and platform management. They are availabel for bug fixes, upgrades and smoother transformation.
  • Data Analysis and Evaluation We assist in data accuracy and performance evaluation, and support in data clean-up, monitoring and reporting.

Process Deliverables

  • Review, evaluate and Report
  • Identify risk patterns and mitigate
  • Refine and clean data
  • Support and maintenance services
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