Healthcare Application Development: Top Trends to Prevail in 2023 & Beyond


This year, healthcare application development is gaining momentum, as the emerging technologies offer promising solutions to tackle many healthcare challenges.

Here are some healthcare application development trends or say predictions that we believe will dominate in 2019.

We don’t claim our predictions to be the most genuine but if you are an avid app development data follower, we have the most accurate analysis ready for you as the predictions in healthcare application development to rule 2019 and beyond.

Source: Deloitte.

First things first, while researching on the predictions to prevail in healthcare industry in 2019, we came across some interesting facts. Let’s have a glance on those data first.

  • Total number of smartphone users globally has almost reached to 2.5 billion. Folks that’s enormous!
  • There are nearly 2.1 million Android users and the number of iOS lovers is almost 2 million
  • There will be 161 billion IoT installations by the end of 2020 in healthcare sector

Internet of Medical Things prediction on globe by 2020.

Source: Deloitte.

Let’s Now Take a Look at the Healthcare Mobile App Development Predictions for the Upcoming Year.

Augmented and Virtual Realities

AR and VR are all about futuristic technology that make virtual reality appealing for the users. There have been a number of gaming apps that have used the technology to its fullest. Such games have received significant applauds for being so realistic that it almost seemed reality.

Artificial and virtual realities after invading the gaming industry are now making news in healthcare app development. Medical professionals are making the best use of the technology to engage better with the customers and also to understand their requirements. Use of such a realistic technology is a way to reduce error in human assistance.


Telemedicine is becoming a popular choice for both the patients and for medical professionals. The advantage of a telemedicine app for patients is that they can order medicine 24*7 from anywhere at any point of time. Patients can also get in touch with the doctors without physically watching them.

With advanced healthcare apps in place, the telemedicine industry is expected to watch over $40 billion increase by 2020. This is a significant number for all the industry professionals. This form of communication without being physically connected is great to perceive and get benefited from.

Internet of Things will Go Places

Internet of Things has already created a buzz across the globe. The concept will continue to make news in healthcare mobile app development too. IoT has helped healthcare facilities reach to users just like e-commerce assistant and transport benefits.

The ongoing invention in the field of IoT is helping healthcare industry grow more and more in size and revenue. It is one of a kind of technology that connects the objects for better communication. Internet of things offers significant data to analyze for better services.

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Chatbots to Become More Significant

With the evolution of on-demand apps, chatbots have become an integral part of these applications. It won’t be wrong if we say these apps are an essential part of our daily lives. The invention of chatbots is a great discovery for service industry as it helps streamline their services and assist clients for every kind of assistance required to them.

Although the virtual assistant do not involve human-to-human interaction but they are of great help for busy service professionals. There have been several predictions to claim that the chatbot market will grow to a whopping 1.25 million by the end of 2025. Chatbots are getting connected to AR and VR making them more interactive for the users.

Wearable Accessories are The Future

We have already seen wearables like smartwatches, fitness bands and other such accessories growing in the year 2018 and the upcoming year is going to be no different. There will be more and more wearable for the users to help them choose from a variety of varied functional accessories.

There have been estimations that the market of wearable devices is going to grow almost $33 billion by the next year. There will be some smart gadgets for fitness freaks to help them remain dedicated to their passion for fitness.

Blockchain Technology

It’s been a few years that blockchain has emerged more of an innovation for the mobile app developers. The technology has helped in the development of a ledger system that is transparent and possess a great level of security. Every transaction that is done between two persons gets registered under a secured network.

The technology can benefit healthcare in a number of ways by keeping patients records intact and secured for healthcare professionals. The mobile apps dedicated for patients can help store the data in a secure network.

Mobile Payments to Become the Norm

There is an ongoing preference for cashless payments among the users. The mode of payment has now shifted from cash to card making it much easier for consumers to get the services. The trend is now shifting to mobile payments where the consumers have the luxury to pay through wallets like Paytm and Google Pay. As a result of the trend, the mobile payment wallet market in India is predicted to be USD 7 billion by the end of 2023.

This reflects the preference of users for mobile wallets. As consumers are liking the norm, the trend is sure to grow exponentially in the years to come. Besides Google and Apple Pay, there will be more such mobile payment apps to join the league by next 1-2 years. Thus, the healthcare app development industry will grow simultaneously.

Healthcare Mobile Apps with Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing has always leveraged the solution to data storage problems. Mobility and cloud (healthcare mobile apps and cloud) have together made it easier for the medical professionals to store as much data as required and access the same from anywhere whenever needed.

One of the most profitable advantages for doctors is to access patient’s information from anywhere anytime and offer the solution as needed. Cloud solution has also made it possible for medical professionals to detect and analyze the previous healthcare issues of the patients.

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The Bottom Line

Technological development is all about bringing innovation to the work be it healthcare app development or any other industry. Healthcare sector is one of the domains that has gained much with this ongoing development. Mobile health is the newest trend that promises a bright future in healthcare app development in order to benefit the users.

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