Top 5 Effective Ways of Enterprise Mobile Apps Marketing and Branding

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In the present scenario, we have customized mobile apps for our every need. Today, users have plenty of options when it comes to their time management, fitness, gaming, banking and, many other needs. In spite of so many mobile apps available on the app store, only a few manages to prove profitable venture for their owners. The competition is quite high on the app stores these days. Users only prefer best apps of their respective categories. In fact, being the best in the category is not just one criterion for becoming a successful mobile app. Unfortunately, there are many excellent enterprise mobile apps that fail to grab the attention of the users just because of the poor marketing and branding tactics. Nowadays it is imperative to have a sound marketing and branding strategies for making mobile apps with potential success in terms of return on investment (ROI) and numbers of downloads. So let’s discuss some of the best-proven ways of marketing of mobile apps –

1. App Store Optimization

Not many people are aware of one of the most efficient ways of mobile apps marketing i.e. App Store Optimization (ASO). Well, ASO to mobile apps is what Search Engine Optimization is to website’s promotion. ASO comprises of competitors analysis, writing the right kind of app description, choosing the most appropriate keywords, localization of the app description, attaching the video trailer of the app page and, many other factors. By following basic ASO fundamentals, one can boost the visibility of any mobile app on app stores, search engines, etc. ASO greatly helps in hiking the numbers of app downloads and revenue generation.

App Store Optimization

2. Paid App Advertising/Marketing

Giant search engine like Google, Bing, etc have also started the provision of paid marketing (CPC/PPC) exclusively for mobile app. Entrepreneurs and companies can now run paid marketing campaigns for their customized business app promotion. The best part of this paid marketing approach is entrepreneurs and companies can promote their mobile apps to their targeted users in the selected geographical locations for making their marketing more productive. Some of the social networking sites, for example Facebook also have a special feature for mobile apps marketing these days. One can promote mobile app simply by setting the desired marketing budgets, locations, age groups of users for improving their mobile app visibility, numbers of downloads and ROI.

Paid App Advertising

3. Go Social

Promoting customized enterprise mobile apps on social media platforms is also a good idea. Sharing the details of the apps like download links, screenshots, and features description help users to know more about the particular app that is being promoted. Today, social media is the biggest platform for supporting any mobile app. Social media promises the widest exposure to any mobile app. The chances of the mobile app going viral among users are quite high in case of social media app promotional strategy.

Go Social

4. Participate in the discussions

There are many online discussion forums where users from different parts of the world take participation for, reviewing pros and cons of various mobile apps. Mobile apps owners/companies can also participate on various mobile apps discussion forum for enhancing their app visibility among users. Online discussion forums for making users aware of their mobile apps advantages over other existing apps of their respective categories. Activate participations on discussion forum help mobile app gaining popularity among users that ultimately boosts it ROI & numbers of downloads.

Participate in the discussions

5. Impressive mobile app designing

Most of the entrepreneurs and companies think that it is only the features of their mobile apps that can help it in becoming chartbuster on the app stores. But, a design of the app also plays a pivotal role in its success. It is the design of the app that handles the first impression on the users (positive or negative).  Users have distinct taste when it comes to mobile apps designing depending on it functionalities and categories.

mobile app designing

One can understand the expectations of the users from the design of the app by studying other successful apps design of the same class. As there is nothing wrong about being inspired without losing the originality of conception. We hope this blog will help our readers with the mobile marketing requirements. At Finoit, we just don’t design and development top-notch customized software and mobile apps (iOS, Android) but also leaves no stone unturned for bring the best possible answers for our client’s software and mobile apps related questions. Contact Finoit for your software and mobile apps design and Development needs. Finoit is a well-known name in the software and mobile apps design and development industry. For more information, visit our website: ________________________________________________________________________________________

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